You can now scuba dive at Princes Dock


Want to start a new hobby? You can learn to dive and see what’s hiding here in Liverpool on a new experience at Princes Dock.

Palaemon Divers offers scuba diving courses and PADI courses at Princes Dock for complete beginners up to professional level. The young scuba diving company, founded by scuba diving instructor Leanne Clowes in April this year, has also taken two units at The Quay, No.12 Princes Dock, to facilitate a five-star dive center. PADI and a dive shop, due to open in January 2022.

To celebrate their move to Princes Dock, Palaemon Divers has launched a Scuba in the City initiative to encourage those who live and work in Liverpool and have never dived before to try out and discover the abundant and amazing marine life that you would never expect. maybe not wait. to see prowling at the bottom of the quay.

Leanne’s other business, Scuba Escape, which she runs with her dive partner and PADI Course Director Clare Dutton, is currently based in a private quarry in North Wales. But, in 2022, Leanne and Clare will be kicking off the Underwater Escape Experience at Princes Dock. Scuba Escape, which premiered recently on the BBC’s The One Show, is a world premiere and a concept they both came up with during lockdown last year. Scuba Escape was recently nominated for a Go North Wales Tourism Award.

Léanne said: “A year ago, I was working for a recruiting firm in the city. Now I have turned my hobby into two brilliant businesses and spend every day doing what I love. To top it off, I can now share my passion for diving with others who live and work in the city and are looking for a new challenge and escape to another world.

Looking down on Princes Dock.
Photo by Rob Atherton

“I first dived at Princes Dock a few years ago and was completely shocked at the life inside. It is a very safe space to learn to dive and is much more realistic than a swimming pool. There is nothing better than diving in the outer waters.

“Our Scuba in the City beginner dive sessions are already taking place at Princes Dock and next year, once our dive center opens and the weather warms up, we plan to expand the number of courses and of activities we offer at Princes Dock. “Our beginner dive sessions are also great experience gifts if you’re struggling to find something for a loved one this Christmas.”

Liza Marco, Asset Manager at Peel L & P’s Liverpool Waters, said:

“It’s wonderful to have more business at Princes Dock and to use the fantastic open water facilities we have here at Liverpool Waters.

“Princes Dock is a unique urban location with hotels and apartments offering water views across the Mersey, where some of the world’s largest cruise ships dock. It is a place where residents, visitors and workers of the city can relax and enjoy a wide range of amenities and activities; eat waffles in Moose and drink coffee in Bean; to swim in open water with WeSwimRun and, now, to dive with Palaemon Divers, giving people the chance to experience life underwater.

“Palaemon Divers is truly committed to Liverpool Waters, and we are very proud to support them in growing their business and helping attract more people to come and enjoy the outdoors in a safe and open water environment. . “

You can book your scuba diving session and find out more here

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