The GoFundMe of paraplegic Michael Roberts after a kitesurfing accident


After a freak accident leaves the father paralyzed from the chest months before his ideal marriage, the world of the family is turned upside down.

Naomi Roberts (right) shared a hospital bed selfie with her husband of three monthsFriends and colleagues gathered around Perth's father Michael Roberts (pictured)Naomi Roberts (pictured) still has a glimmer of hope that her husband will one day walk again
Friends, colleagues and family have rallied around a paralyzed father from Perth.

Michael Roberts is paralyzed from the chest down following a bizarre kitesurfing accident.

Just three months after he married his girlfriend, his family’s life changed dramatically.

Naomi, his wife, has revealed his traumatic ordeal at the start of his rehabilitation journey.

A father of five faces an uncertain future after suffering irreversible paralysis below his chest in a horrific kitesurfing accident.

Surfer and ocean enthusiast Michael Roberts is “crying half his body” after fracturing his spine in a life-altering accident in Perth two weeks ago.

Just three months after marrying the love of her life, the near-tragedy has turned her life and that of her family upside down.

Friends, colleagues and strangers gathered to support Mr Roberts and his new wife, Naomi, who spoke of the devastating effects the disaster took on the couple and their five young children.

She paid tribute to her “brave and courageous” husband by providing an upbeat update on his recovery while posting a hospital bed selfie.

On Monday, he was transferred to Fiona Stanley Hospital to begin his rehabilitation.

Following a recent unexpected accident, Michael Roberts (seen with his wife Naomi and their children) is now a paraplegic.

We couldn’t be happier about it. Being here means Michael will begin individualized rehabilitation and move one step closer to returning home,’ Ms Roberts wrote in an online fundraiser.

She also thanked her company, Newmount Australia, and hers, Westfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilizers, for their continued support during this difficult time.

She said on Facebook: “We have been amazed by the love we have received from so many wonderful people and from our businesses, which has kept us thinking, crying and most importantly being together during this time. hard.”

Mr. Roberts is a talent management consultant with extensive expertise in the public and commercial sectors.

In just two days, nearly $30,000 has already been raised.

When Mr. Roberts finally leaves the hospital, the proceeds will be used to make the family home accessible to him.

His wife wrote: “Overnight our whole life and the lives of our children were turned upside down.

Three months ago, Naomi Roberts (right) shared a hospital bed selfie with her husband.

“Three months ago we were the happiest we have ever been as newlyweds. Now we face an uncertain future.

“Unfortunately Michael suffered a spinal injury which fractured his spine and damaged his spinal cord, leaving him permanently paralyzed below the chest and fusing a significant portion of his spine.

Every day I am grateful that my husband is still with us and that our five children still have a father to adore and guide them through life.

Mrs Roberts recognized the perilous path ahead of them and clung to a glimmer of hope that her husband would one day walk again.

Ms Roberts continued: “I know that together we can overcome any obstacle, and Michael will make the most of the hand that has been dealt to him.”

I couldn’t be prouder to be his wife because he is so brave and powerful.

Your help would mean a lot to our family. This will help us maintain our family home and make it as accessible as possible for Michael’s independence.

It will also help us investigate any potential future technologies that might one day make it work again.

Friends and colleagues of Michael Roberts rallied behind him (pictured)

“We are so grateful and touched by the outpouring of love from so many.

“It brings tears to our eyes to know that there are so many amazing individuals in our lives, and we can’t wait to be able to say ‘thank you’ to everyone one day in person… Thank you so much.

The family was inundated with sympathetic comments from well-wishers.

“He is a wonderful, caring parent and husband, and two of his children have been my kids’ best friends since kindergarten,” a friend wrote on Facebook.

Michael is paraplegic following a terrible accident; he and his family will have to make substantial adjustments.

Naomi Roberts (pictured) retains a glimmer of optimism that her husband will one day be able to walk again.

On Monday, Michael was rushed to Fiona Stanley Hospital to begin intensive rehabilitation.

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