Scuba diving in Montana? An MSU student took the plunge


BOZEMAN – When you think of Montana, you think of our scenic mountains, vast fields far from the ocean. Kevin Shuman, a PhD student at Montana State, has done something unique for our landlocked state.

“It’s less about seeing what’s out there, because you kind of know what’s out there, and more about exploring something that people weren’t supposed to. explore,” Shuman said.

When Shuman moved to Montana, he wanted to connect with the outdoors, but not in the traditional Montana way.

“I’m from out of state and I was like, man, I need a hobby and I studied, you know, rock climbing, skiing and all that kind of stuff “, did he declare.

He chose scuba diving. You might be wondering: in a landlocked state, where to start?

“Scuba diving at Hyalite, the reservoir, Canyon Ferry. I’ve also dived around some of the lakes around Glacier National Park,” Shuman said.

The million-dollar question: What’s it like to be in the water in Montana?

“Lots of rocks, lots of mud,” Shuman said.

Scuba diving led him to raise funds for Like youa charity aiming to help survivors of strokes and brain injuries recover.

“You know, on the way back from Canyon Ferry, where we were diving, I remembered, ‘Oh, SameYou exists and maybe that’s something I can do,'” Shuman said.

It inspired him to dive Monterey Bay for SameYou.

“It’s just amazing. there’s something more vertical, than there’s a canopy,” Shuman said.

Hoping to raise awareness of an issue like stroke and brain injury survivors as they recover.

“By creating this fundraiser, I want people to recognize that there is a problem. Most people keep to themselves,” Shuman said.

Shuman says he wants to start a conversation and build support.

“People feel abandoned, alone and unsupported after suffering a brain injury,” he said.

If you are interested in donating to the fundraiser, you can find out more here:


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