Santa Claus scuba dives at Oklahoma Aquarium


Not only can Santa Claus fly on his sleigh and set up chimneys, but he can also go scuba diving.

You can catch it underwater for the next two days, bringing Christmas cheer to people and sea creatures.

If you stop by the Oklahoma Aquarium this week, you might see a familiar face swimming in the Polynesian Reef exhibit.

It is a different experience from the traditional way of meeting Santa Claus.

Digital and marketing strategist Lollie Emig says it’s like a holiday for Santa before Christmas Eve.

She says “Santa by the Sea” has been a tradition for 15 years.

The event also gives children the chance to see Santa Claus up close and personal without being intimidated.

Children can interact with Santa Claus by taking pictures or even playing with paper scissors.

It doesn’t cost more to see Santa, but you have to go during the hours when Santa is scuba diving. During this time, he takes a few cookie breaks.

If he misses you this time around, Emig says he’ll be back in the tank for Christmas next year.

“What makes so many Oklahoma Aquarium events so special is our members because they join in when the kids are little and then it’s part of their tradition, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas or our Easter egg hunt. Every year we get to see these kids grow up, “Emig said.” And it’s so cool to be a part of this family experience.

You can stop by the Oklahoma Aquarium on Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. or Wednesday and Thursday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

After that, he must return to the North Pole to prepare for Christmas.

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