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Aditya Roy Kapur embarks on the extreme sport of kite-surfing to film underwater stunts in Malang

By Kite surfing
Aditya Roy Kapur, who will be seen in an action avatar in Mohit Suri’s upcoming director
Malang, got into kitesurfing for an important part of the film. It was shot during the movie Mauritius last week’s schedule for which a Mumbai-based trainer was airlifted to ensure a smooth shoot. Kite-surfing is an action sport that combines aspects of snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and sailing into one extreme sport.

Besides the stunts, Aditya followed his fitness routine with personal trainer Sudarshan D Amkar, who traveled with him to Mauritius to make sure the actor was ready for the action-packed schedule. Aditya was put on a strict diet which he must follow until the end of the film.

According to a set source, the lead man will be seen performing high octane action in the movie and the team have incorporated plenty of water stunts as the movie takes place in Goa. “Aditya trained for a month before shooting the final streak. Currently, he and Disha (Patani, the main lady) are filming for the Mumbai program, and will be able to perform another underwater streak for which they had been training with professional stuntmen for over a week.
Shimmering had reported earlier (March 22) that in the Bhushan Kumar and Luv Ranjan production, Aditya plays a Goanian exploring the party scene in the tourist state when an incident changes the lives of the protagonists. The actor will wear two looks in the film and has just started to gain volume for the second. The film, which also features Anil Kapoor, Kunal Kemmu and Akshay Oberoi, went to the prosecution of Goa in March. Mumbai’s current schedule is expected to end by the end of the month.

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Paddle Expo 2012 – Sea Kayak Gathering

By Sea kayak

Photos and reflections on the Paddle Expo 2012 in Nuremberg from a sea kayaking perspective.

An apt description of the developments in sea kayaking at the 2012 Nuremberg International Paddle Sports Fair is “Evolution and Refinement”. The sea kayak exhibitors did not bring real sensational novelties, but they showed a constant development of their ranges. The main trends of recent years have continued:

  • Good fit for every paddler -> most new kayaks come in several sizes (low, medium, large volume). And, unlike a few years ago, the smaller variants aren’t just simple scaled-down versions of the larger ones, but often offer a completely redesigned hull and deck plan.
  • More specialization on the intended use -> manufacturers optimize the characteristics of boats for specific uses: for example playful, manoeuvrable and stable kayaks for playing in difficult conditions (surfing, rock jumping, tidal races) and faster and better tracked kayaks for hiking.
  • Composite kayaks with a lay-up dedicated to the intended use -> different materials and production techniques to create high-tech heavy-duty constructions for kayaks used in difficult conditions or lighter and stiffer constructions for kayaks more geared towards speed.
  • Growing availability of refined sea kayak designs in thermoformed (ABS, Prilite, etc.) and rotational molded (PE) constructions.
  • A “revival” of long and narrow kayaks for fitness-paddle and sea kayak racing -> closed cockpit kayaks with a hull design inspired by surf kayaks.
  • Below are some photo impressions and the corresponding thoughts and comments.


    the Tiderace The kayak line is grouped into three design families: Touring, Play and Racing, all of which are now available in multiple sizes. New for 2013, but unfortunately not present at the show, is the Vortex. This is Tiderace’s first rotomolded (RM) sea kayak. It is a short, agile and stable sea kayak designed to “play the sea”.


    the Arrow Nuka is the little brother of the Play models. Nuka and Play are both kayaks designed for maneuvering and playing in the sea and also provide a good platform for day trips or longer overnight getaways. The new GT is a touring version of the Nuka. It has a different deck line layout. The rear hatch is oval, which makes it easier to load the kayak. The GT’s hull is geared more towards speed with less rocker and a smoother bilge and a slightly longer waterline.


    Valley has added 2 short kayaks (14ft 10in) to its line of sea kayaks. The ST&SP Gemini Twins are developed as a pair of kayaks with different characteristics. The ST is designed as a short boat that handles like a longer sea kayak but is easier to handle out of the water. The SP optimized for performance in rough waters with increased rocker, larger bow volume, harder chines, a flatter mid-hull cross section and a more solid lay-up.


    New P&H Hammer is touted as a new generation of marine game boat “… which will take sea play to a new level. The influence of the whitewater bodies of Pyranha (the owner of P&H) is evident. The Hammer is a modern and welcome reincarnation of the old-fashioned ’80s whitewater kayaks and must be great fun paddling through rock gardens, tide races and surf areas!


    New Eddyline Raven, designed by ACA L-5 Coastal Kayak Instructor Chris Mitchell, features a sloping bow and stern, hard chines amidships and well balanced to provide a “neutral” trim, creating a boat that should be. quick and clean handling in all conditions. Like all Eddyline kayaks, the Raven is made from Carbonlite 2000, an extremely strong, high performance co-extruded plastic laminate, but it is also easy to repair in the event of an accident.


    Stellar kayaks from China is known for a wide range of speed oriented surf skis and touring kayaks. For 2013, their range is enriched with more “British Style” sea kayaks, fitted with a fin and a stable and manoeuvrable hull.


    the the north coast Ocean is a brand new design from Mike Nelson. The Ocean is just as versatile and practical as North Shore kayaks are traditionally. But forward speed is improved by a completely new hull design with unique wings; sharp edges that stop just behind the seat and slowly blend into the arch.


    Point 65 showed a production-ready prototype of the “Freya”. This kayak is custom designed in collaboration with Swedish designer Magnus de Brito for the second leg of Freya Hoffmeister’s expedition to South America. It is designed to consume miles of paddling with ease and speed while still being safe, comfortable and stable in the toughest and scariest conditions. While there is some optical resemblance to the Point65 XP18 touring kayak, the Freya is an all new design with a hull shape that approximates Epic’s Surf ski – the Bourbon Orca.


    The Biskaya is the latest sea kayak from the German producer Lettmann. The kayak is available in several volumes (and very bold colors) and equipped with the latest version of the continuously optimized Lettmann Ergo Rudder / Skeg system.


    Seabird now cooperates with Rob Feloy (the designer of the legendary Inuk fast sea kayak). The new Seabird Inuk was not yet ready for the show, but the surprise on the Kanumesse were two new kayaks designed by Rob: the Scott MV and the Scott LV, lovely British style kayaks.


    Oscar Chalupsky was present at the Kanumesse to promote the growing range of Epic surf skis. The Epic V6 and V8 bridge the gap between touring or sea kayaks and surf skis.


    As an example for the different constructions offered by many manufacturers: Skim Kayaks are available in 3 different lay-ups: TR-Traditional lay-up (Polyester / Diolen and fiberglass), XR-Extra Rigid (Vinylester / carbon / Kevlar / glass fiber and diolen) and CL-Carbon light (sandwich shell made of carbon fiber with diolene resin with a bridge constructed of fiberglass and vinyl ester). The XR is stronger than the TR and the CL is just as strong as the XR but still lighter. A kayak that weighs 25 kg in TR, 23.5 kg in XR version and 21.5 kg in CL version. The costs go the other way up.


    Neumann kayaks presented a range of cork core kayaks: very light and very strong in a fascinating glossy finish. Willy Neumann tried to convince the public of the solidity of this construction by jumping with all his weight on the deck of one of the fast, elegant and ultra-light Neumann fitness kayaks.


    the Stage fright The folding kayak is not new, but it is regularly developed in details.


    Pay attention to details about it Skim Kayak with a deck recess where a bilge pump fits well.


    Geoff Turner, the man behind the Kari-Tek products, showed further refinement of the ingenious Kari-Tek hydraulic rudder system, which is now made entirely from ABS material, making it lighter and completely resistant to corrosion.


    P&H completely overhauled their fin system for 2013. There were quite a few issues with the first generation with this system (introduced in 2009), which has been improved over the years and while paddlers with issues were still taken supported by P&H. In the second generation, the cursor has a smoother and more intuitive action and can be more easily maintained to keep the action working consistently.


    Northern Lights paddles was present at the show with a very colorful variation of their Greenland and Aleut modular carbon fiber paddles. The three-part modular system allows Northern Light to scale the paddles to match the central loom. It also offers the possibility of assembling the paddle (without the central loom) as a short “Storm” paddle.


    Nasaq, by Northern Lights paddles, is a paddle tip cover made from a special formulation of UV resistant silicone and urethane that stretches and conforms to the shape of the paddle tip, and provides a layer of protection against water damage. chipping, fraying or abrasion for those who paddle, land or launch difficult beaches or ramps. The Nasaq is available in multiple colors and will fit most Greenland style paddle tips.


    Black light paddles manufactures fantastic high tech carbon Greenland paddles with ultra thin blades and a sensational light weight of 550 grams. The standard Black Light paddle is strong enough for expedition paddling, but requires careful handling. For real rough stuff there is now the “Black Light Greenland Rough and Roll”, just as thin but in a more solid layup, with reinforced edges and blade tip. It weighs 700 grams.

    For Playak,
    Hans Heupink

    See also:

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    6 vacation destinations to add to your scuba diving bucket list

    By Scuba diving

    When we travel, we tend to discover the destinations we visit by land – and sometimes by air. And while there is certainly more than a lot to see this way, there is also an entire underwater world to explore off these destinations. Whether you are an advanced diver or a total beginner, there are countless places to go across the world where you can not only enjoy a relaxing vacation on land, but also jump into the water and familiarize yourself with spectacular underwater sites. and an enchanting navy. life. Here are six favorites from experienced globetrotting divers.

    Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    In Playa del Carmen there is “a mix of beginner, advanced and technical diving – something for everyone,” said Rami Hatamleh, founder of Scuba Sensations. In winter, he noted, you may encounter eagle rays and bulldog sharks, the latter of which are a big draw for divers visiting this area.

    But perhaps the biggest draw is the Yucatán Peninsula’s vast array of cenotes, or ancient natural sinkholes. “Cenotes are magical caves with crystal clear waters that feel like you’re in a whole different world,” said Jennine Cohen, general manager of global sales at GeoEx. Exploring this world through diving can be an amazing experience, although it is important to do your research ahead of time and make sure it suits your skills and comfort. According to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), you don’t necessarily need advanced certification to dive in cenotes (according to the website, “as long as you maintain a minimum of natural light … anyone holding a basic scuba certification may head you into that underground environment ”); but if you are new to diving, get easily claustrophobic or dislike hiking to the cenote while lugging gear heavy diving might not be for you.

    Bay Islands, Honduras

    “Honduras is not usually the first destination travelers think of when it comes to scuba diving, but only a short ferry ride from the coast are the Bay Islands, which truly are a diver’s paradise. “said Ben Zweber, a certified advanced diver. and one of the bloggers behind Two stray soles. The islands of Roatán and Utila in particular, he added, are popular places for new divers to obtain certification. “With warm waters and incredible visibility, these islands are perfect for beginners,” he said. “And with a high chance of spotting whale sharks, there are plenty of reasons more advanced divers flock to these islands as well.”

    Hatamleh specifically recommended the dedicated diving and snorkeling resort, CoCo View Resort. “The resort sits on its own small peninsula,” he said. “You have a feeling of estrangement, but you are not that far from civilization. ”

    Better yet, for those who don’t have enough diving: “It’s unlimited diving,” he said. “There are boat dives for the day, but you can dive from shore 24 hours a day. You have a great mix of deep and shallow dives, reefs and walls, a wreck you can swim to from the shore [and] night dive. It’s perfect.”


    Indonesia is made up of thousands of islands, each surrounded by dazzling blue water; and below the surface it just gets better. “It’s worth every penny, and so much more, to venture into Indonesia to scuba dive,” said Nikki Bruno, who has logged more than 500 dives around the world.

    Komodo Island – home to the lizard of the same name, the enormous Komodo dragon – is a popular spot, especially for advanced divers (colder water temperatures and currents make dives more difficult) . “During one dive, we spotted a shark, dolphins, manta rays, a school of barracuda and many other fish,” Zweber said. “On another dive, our instructor counted 32 manta rays, my new favorite animal. Zweber recommended booking a cruise ship, which is a multi-day boat trip, to get the most out of your Komodo diving experience.

    If you are still developing your diving skills, there are many other Indonesian spots you can visit, such as Lembeh Strait and Bunaken. The former, Bruno said, is ideal for muck diving; or explore areas where wildlife may hide among the sediment at the bottom of the site (rather than near a coral reef). “Diving in the mud is like a treasure hunt,” Bruno said. “When you first descend on the gray, muddy sand, you think, ‘Why the hell do people Pay dive here? But as you advance, well-camouflaged alien creatures emerge before your eyes and you discover that half of the species you see on a given dive will be new to you. Beginner divers will particularly appreciate the calm waters, shallow depths and long dive times in Lembeh. ” Bunaken, which Bruno says is suitable for beginners as well, can provide a completely different – but equally worthy – experience. “If … offer from the Lembeh Strait[s] a slow revelation of marine life in a mundane setting, the walls of Bunaken overwhelm divers with technicolor wonder, ”she said.

    Lembeh Straight, Indonesiafenkieandreas / Shutterstock

    Tsarabanjina, Madagascar

    To get to the tiny island of Tsarabanjina, you’ll first need to fly to another island in Madagascar, Nosy Be – but the payoff is a dream vacation destination. and indelible diving experience. “The waters around Tsarabanjina are still relatively remote – it’s really only the resort’s customers who will be in the area,” said Starla Estrada, general manager of global sales on Africa at GeoEx. “[The island] also has one of the most professional diving teams in Madagascar. Guests can expect a classic tropical experience – white sand beaches, coral reefs, sunny skies [and] Hot water.”

    Estrada said Tsarabanjina is doable for divers of all skill levels; and if you’re not looking to fill your entire itinerary with diving, you can pair your trip to Tsarabanjina with time on mainland Madagascar, where Estrada said you might encounter different types of wildlife, like lemurs.


    This European island, located between the southern end of Italy and the northern end of Africa, offers numerous possibilities for diving in the surrounding Mediterranean waters. “Malta offers a range of scuba diving options for all ability levels, and the Mediterranean climate means it is possible to dive all year round,” said Alex Trembath, an advanced and co-certified diver. founder of Career Gappers. “However, what makes it a particularly attractive diving destination is the country’s history of involvement in conflict. The Maltese Islands are full of authentic war wrecks to explore, such as the HMS Maori, sunk at Grand Harbor in 1942 during World War II. It is also possible to dive around some of the country’s iconic coastal sites, such as the Azure Window ruins. [a rock formation that collapsed into the Mediterranean] and the Blue Grotto. Keep in mind that depending on Scuba diving magazine, some wreck dives may require advanced certification or skill testing. If you are unsure of the requirements or if your skills are up to par, contact the dive operators at the sites you wish to visit to discuss them before booking your trip.

    Blue Corner, Palau

    Palau in general is considered one of the best dive sites in the world, with stunning clear waters and abundant wildlife, much of which is protected thanks to the creation in 2015 of a huge marine sanctuary. But perhaps the best-known dive site is the Blue Corner, where reef walls are home to a wide variety of wildlife, including sharks, barracudas and more. Currents can be quite strong at the Blue Corner, so it is best for experienced divers; and, as PADI noted, divers typically anchor to (dead parts) of the reef so that the current does not take over. Lisa Niver, founder of We Said Go Travel, did just that. “The divemaster hooked us into the reef, and we literally hung on the current like kites as sharks and other underwater creatures swam close to us,” she said. “It was magical.”

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    Watersports coach Tom Downer dies in kitesurfing accident – News –

    By Kite surfing

    Tom Downer loved water and gladly shared his passion with others, especially young people.

    Last Thursday, the 63-year-old water sports enthusiast, trainer and instructor died in a tragic kitesurfing accident in the Cayman Islands. According to the Cayman Compass, Downer was blown away in a building at Colliers Public Beach in East End Village in Grand Cayman and later died in a local hospital.

    “It was a real shock,” said Herb Vochatzer, who has known Downer for many years and coached with him at Bear Creek High School. “He was always in good shape and taking care of himself. It happened doing what he loved to do.

    Downer’s last Facebook post, December 27, shows him walking towards the ocean holding a kitesurf board: “I’m trying to kitesurf. This may be my last post before landing in Venezuela.

    Downer, who worked in the home loan business in Stockton, ran Bear Creek Aquatics, a program in which Downer invited “everyone to the exciting WORLD of swimming and all the cool things you can do, IF you can swim” , according to a passage he wrote on the Bear Creek Aquatics website.

    Downer coached swimming and water polo at Bear Creek High School and helped lead the boys’ water polo team to two consecutive unbeaten San Joaquin Athletic Association titles and a first round playoff victory of the Sac-Joaquin Division II section in 2016.

    In 2011, Downer and local parents continued Stockton’s summer swim program when it lost town funding. In 2013, Downer began his role as director of the Stockton Summer Swimming League meet, an annual event that brings together hundreds of kids from Stockton’s recreational swimming leagues for a three-day extravaganza. As a child, Downer swam around town to meet for the West Lane Tennis Club.

    “A group of parents got together and decided, ‘we can do it,'” Downer said in a Record article in July 2014. “It was a group effort with the hard work of all parents and the financial management that made it possible The kids didn’t even notice it It’s a tribute to the swimming community We’re a tight-knit group.

    Through Bear Creek Aquatics, Downer has offered competitive initiation and development programs in swimming and water polo, water safety, lifeguard, first aid, CPR, open water training and advanced, including nitrox and SCUBA certification and training. In 2012, Downer swam from Windmill Cove to Ladd’s Marina in Stockton, about two miles away, in less than 90 minutes to raise money for the organization.

    “He’s Bear Creek Aquatics,” said Vochatzer, who took over as the Bear Creek boys’ water polo coach in 2018, when Downer resigned to devote more time to Bear Creek Aquatics and d ‘other interests. “He’s done so much. I don’t know who is going to step in and do it.

    Downer has traveled frequently to Hawaii and other places to lounge and play in the beautiful waters of the area. Some of his favorite activities outside of diving included whale watching and blue water rafting during the winter months in Maui.

    “The most important thing about Tom was his outlook on life,” said Mike Heberle, women’s water polo coach at Bear Creek High and frequent collaborator with Downer. “He was just one of those people who was able to be in the moment but could also plan.

    “He was a very active person, who shared his passion with everyone.”

    A Memorial Vigil will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Bear Creek High Pool.

    Contact reporter Bob Highfill at (209) 546-8277 or [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @bobhighfill.

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    Manipur’s Loktak Lake will host parasailing

    By Parasailing

    Floating or phumdi islands planned for an adventure sports event that begins Thursday

    Robert sapam



    Posted on 11.19.18, 19:31

    The serene 287 km² Loktak Lake in the Bishnupur district of Manipur is ready to don a mantle of adventure. Come Thursday, the vast phumdi-sporting expanse will add the thrill of water parasailing, adding glitz to this year’s Manipur Sangai festival.

    The parasailing trial was held in Chingmei Keibul Ching on Sunday at the initiative of the Manipur Tourism Foundation and the Loktak Development Authority.

    The nine-day water parasailing is expected to be a big draw in the adventure sports lover state. The Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) has urged the state government for better electrification inside the Khuman Lampak sports complex, where youth adventure sports and water sports will be held as part of the festival. MMTA President Bijoy Kakchingtabam said, “We have been participating in the Manipur Sangai Festival since 2006. Every time we get a huge response from sports enthusiasts, especially young people. Last year more people came at night compared to daytime attendance.

    “Our main concern is insufficient lighting in and around the enclosures. Many visitors complained last year about poor electrification and we informed the officials concerned. We don’t know if there will be any changes this time around.

    Kakchingtabam added, “For adventure and water sports events for young people, we have set up spider net crossing, motor boat rafting on the rowing channel, zorbing on the water, a monkey bridge, artificial boulder climbing, mountain biking to the mini-adventure tourist complex. Paragliding will take place at the old Koirengi airfield. Starting this year, we will also be hosting a Northeast Open Bouldering Competition. “

    The MMTA will offer other packages, including an expedition to the Dzukou Valley. There will be treks to Mount Iso in Senapati District, visits to Zeliad Lake, Tharon Cave, Barak Waterfall in Tamenglong District, expeditions to Shirui Peak and Kangkhui Cave in the Ukhrul district and adventure activities at MMI complex in Lamdan in Chruchandpur district. We will have a local boat race, in addition to windsurfing.

    Salai Holding and Private Limited, in association with Manipur Tourism, will host a sumo wrestling event at the Khuman Lampak Indoor Stadium from November 22 to 25. Four sumo wrestlers have been invited to the event.

    The indigenous sports of Manipur, including mukna, khong kangjei, yubi lakpi and arambai, will be presented at Mapal Kangjeibung.

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    This Father-Daughter Duo Just Checked ‘Fly Over Orcas While Parasailing’ From Their Bucket List – Orange County Register

    By Parasailing

    Parasailing is a great thrill, an activity that will make your heart beat faster. And watching orcas from a boat is an unforgettable experience that many people have yet to check off, given how rare these are off the coast of Orange County.

    But hovering above the orcs while parasailing? Now, this is something that not many people can say they have done.

    • A father-daughter duo had the thrill of a lifetime parasailing over orcas this past weekend off the coast of Dana Point. Photo courtesy of Dana Point Parasailing.

    • Orcas still hang around the coast, last seen Tuesday afternoon off Dana Point. (Photo courtesy of Kristin Campbell, Newport Coastal Adventure)

    • A father-daughter duo had the thrill of a lifetime parasailing over orcas this past weekend off the coast of Dana Point. Photo courtesy of Dana Point Parasailing.

    • A father-daughter duo had the thrill of a lifetime parasailing over orcas this past weekend off the coast of Dana Point. Photo courtesy of Dana Point Parasailing.

    • A couple of spectators approach the orcas Tuesday afternoon off Dana Point. (Photo courtesy of Mark Kalez)

    This is exactly what happened when a father-daughter duo went out on Saturday for an adventure on Dana Point Parasailing.

    “It was amazing,” said Walter Herrera, 59, who joined his daughter Jennifer Herrera-Bousquet in the thrill ride for her 35th birthday. “It was just an experience that I will never forget.

    Bucket List Verified

    Dana Point Parasailing owner Christopher Turgeon knew orcas were hanging out in the area. When he saw a group of boats gathered just off Dana Point Headlands last Saturday, he asked the couple if they wanted to go see the killer whales.

    As it turned out, the orcas wanted to check them out as well.

    “For me… it’s one thing on the to-do list,” Herrera said. “For us having a bonus of seeing orcas and being able to fly over them – you can only imagine how exciting that was.”

    Herrera admitted their nerves were racing as they hovered over the huge mammals. At one point, her daughter wondered how high they could jump in the air.

    “I think we’re fine; we’re 50 feet above them, ”Herrera reassured her.

    While at one point he wondered how secure his own harness was, “I was just in awe, trying to get a glimpse of them as we passed.”

    Even from the boat, Turgeon’s heart was pounding.

    “You can see the male’s large dorsal fin below. My adrenaline was at a level I couldn’t even describe, ”he said, also noting that he had never accidentally dropped anyone into the ocean.

    The experience did not end there. When the passengers were hoisted into the boat, the orcas arrived right next to them, leaping within easy reach.

    This isn’t the first time Turgeon has flown over someone over wildlife – last year he had sharks parasailed when the great whites were hanging out around Dana Point.

    “Sharks are predictable, you know what they’re going to do,” he said. “Orcas are really smart. When you’re around something this big and so smart and you’re on a boat my size, it’s very scary.

    Orcas that remain

    The orcas appear to be doing loops, heading towards San Diego, ascending to Dana Point and Newport, then descending back south.

    They were last seen locally off Dana Point on Tuesday afternoon, the fourth sighting in a week.

    Not much is known about this particular family of orcas from the Eastern Tropical Pacific – or ETP – other than the fact that they come from Mexico or the Central American region.

    “Maybe they’re on an adventure, they found food here and they seem to like it here,” said Alisa Schulman-Janger, California Killer Whale Project co-founder and killer whale expert. “We know where they’re from, but they’re not from California.”

    Schulman-Janger has never seen this particular family and was unable to find any corresponding images of orcas previously documented off the coast of California.

    She has yet to make a comparison with photos taken off the coast of Mexico to see if she can find out more about this group of eight killer whales, including a juvenile.

    “It’s super exciting to see the ones we’ve never seen before,” said Schulman-Janger.

    One thing that is definitely known about these killer whales: they love to eat dolphins.

    Orcas have been seen feasting on at least three dolphins between Dana Point and Newport Beach, sometimes appearing to use a strategy to confuse the younger dolphins. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Lawler / Newport Coastal Adventure)

    Countless photos and videos have flooded social media in recent days of killer whales playfully swimming alongside or in front of boats or in the wake.

    Others are more gruesome and difficult for dolphin lovers to see, as killer whales hunt their prey in front of onlookers.

    Killer whales in different parts of the world have different food preferences.

    A group of orcas in Washington that made headlines recently after a juvenile in the group, Scarlet, died of malnutrition and other health problems, feed on salmon – causing problems as their source food is also becoming scarce.

    “You have a group that will only take fish, other groups that will eat all kinds of dolphins. It’s a totally different situation, ”said Schulman-Janiger. “In the same area, another type (orca) eats sea lions. A mammal eater will do better than a salmon eater.

    Here these ETP orcas have found a feast.

    “If they have a group of 500 common dolphins, it’s like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet.” said Schulman-Janiger. “Animals have to eat every day… it can be difficult to watch. But this is the cycle of life.

    She says that in her memory, never has a group of orcas been stuck for so long in Orange County and the San Diego coast. They were spotted near the shore in La Jolla on Wednesday.

    A pod of orcas showed up off San Clemente, heading north through Dana Point and Laguna Beach on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, giving a rare glimpse as they passed through Orange County. (Photo courtesy of Mark Girardeau / Newport Coastal Adventure)

    When the CA51 pod appears occasionally, it can hang around for 3-4 days. But these FTEs have been spotted between San Diego and Orange County for nearly two weeks.

    “It gives us the opportunity to study these whales that we don’t know about,” she said. “From a scientific point of view, this is a fantastic opportunity.

    But, said Schulman-Janger, it’s unclear how long the orcas will stay.

    When fed well, these orcas appear to be friendly with boats, much like the CA51s behaved when they introduced themselves to Herrera and her daughter.

    “Each group of whales has its own unique personality,” she said. “It’s cool to have such a curious and friendly group with the boats.”

    But one thing surprised Schulman-Janger: “I have never seen anyone post pictures of parasailing over orcas.

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    Sun, wind and sea: Kite Surf in Çalış

    By Kite surfing

    Çalış Beach is popular with vacationers and locals. During the summer there is a wonderful refreshing afternoon breeze that comes from the sea. This makes Çalış an ideal spot for Kite Surfing.

    Kite Surfer in Çalış

    What is Kite Surf?

    Kitesurfing is a wind-powered surface water sport that uses a kite and a board to move across the water.

    It harnesses the power of the wind through a large parachute-type kite to propel a cyclist across the water on a compact surf-style board or kitesurf board.

    Kite surfers are propelled to the surface of the water by the wind
    Kite surfers are propelled to the surface of the water by the wind

    Freestyle stunts

    Some of them are happy to just ride, others love to perform incredible freestyle stunts, to the delight of spectators.

    Kite Surfer over the water
    Kite Surfer over the water
    Some kite surfers perform freestyle stunts
    Some perform freestyle stunts
    Kite Surfer performing some of his freestyle stunts
    Some perform freestyle stunts

    Where can I learn Kite Surfing?

    At the end of Çalış Beach is the Fethiye Surf Center.

    Fethiye Surf Center on Çalış Beach
    Fethiye Surf Center on Çalış Beach

    Here they offer beginner lessons, advanced lessons and equipment rental. Please visit their website for more details.

    Good fun with health benefits

    Kitesurfing has many health benefits because you use your whole body. Your legs control the board and push against the power of the kite while your torso, especially your abs and arms are used to hold the kite and keep your balance. A harness is used once you enter the water which takes the full power of the kite allowing anyone to learn and have fun for hours without getting tired.

    Kite Surfer at Çalış Beach
    Kite Surfer at Çalış Beach

    Whether you are a beginner and just want to give it a try or already have some experience… Çalış is the place to be

    Kite surfing at sunset
    Kite surfing at sunset

    And finally, here is a short video of a kite surfer catching the wind …

    Sunday morning on Çalış beach from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

    Remember… when you have bought your equipment or paid for your lessons, the wind is free!

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    Seal jumps on sea kayak off Cornwall

    By Sea kayak

    It was the wonderful moment a sea kayaker received an unexpected visitor when a seal jumped on his boat to hitchhike.

    The encounter between veterinarian Rupert Kirkwood and the curious gray seal occurred off Cornwall.

    He said: “There was no doubt he was playing because I watched him roll around in the seaweed, bark, splash on purpose and try to get into my kayak!

    Robert Kirkwood was on his sea kayak when a seal decided to visit him

    The seal jumped aboard the sea kayak after swimming around the boat

    The seal jumped aboard the sea kayak after swimming around the boat

    Rupert Kirkwood, pictured, said the seal was acting like a dog wanting to throw a stick

    Rupert Kirkwood, pictured, said the seal acted like a dog wanting to throw a stick

    “He had the same look in his eyes as a dog wanting someone to throw his ball at him.”

    It was a banner year for the number of gray seal pups born around Britain’s east coast.

    New record totals were recorded at sites such as Horsey and Blakeney Point in Norfolk, and at the Donna Nook Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire.

    In contrast, seal pup populations on the west coast were hit hard by former Hurricane Ophelia in October.

    A number of baby seal deaths have been recorded off Pembrokeshire, as well as on the Isle of Man.

    However, at many sites around the east coast the numbers continue to increase year on year.

    At Horsey, near Great Yarmouth, a new record of 1,643 gray seal pups was recorded, surpassing the 2016 record of 1,500.

    Friends of Horsey Seals volunteers did the last count on the beach Thursday morning.

    Peter Ansell, chairman of the group, said he expected a record number to continue each year “until a natural disaster”, or disease or a decline in fish stocks. does not affect seals.

    He said the increase was “kind of like compound interest,” with female seal pups maturing, returning to the beach at age four or five once a season to mate, then a year older. late to give birth.

    Numbers were also on the rise at Blakeney Point on the north Norfolk coast, with 2,598 puppies counted on Monday, surpassing the previous record of 2014.

    Stephen Prowse, the National Trust’s chief ranger on the Norfolk coast, said good population survival rates in previous years and previous breeding seasons were the likely cause of the increase.

    The most recent count from Donna Nook Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire shows 1,984 gray seal pups born, more than the 1,957 recorded last year.

    The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, which manages the reserve, said year-over-year numbers had risen rapidly in the past, but had started to level off in recent years.

    In contrast, the numbers at Horsey continue to rise at a faster rate, although the reason for these different rates is not known.

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    San Diego woman injured in parasailing crash freed

    By Parasailing

    Katie Moran, who nearly died last month after a paragliding trip to Mexico went awry, is discharged from hospital

    A San Diego woman who came close to death celebrating her 29th birthday has finally been released from hospital.

    Katie Moran was parasailing in Puerto Vallarta on June 8 when bad weather overturned her boat and disconnected her from the ship – sending the birthday girl flying unattached for 45 minutes before crashing into an airport.

    She was hospitalized in Mexico with a fractured pelvis and skull, four fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, and broken jaw and cheek, before doctors told her she should be flown back to the States. United for a surgical intervention to the head, after its pituitary gland. gland swollen to 10 times its normal size.

    After a massive fundraising campaign for Katie, which is uninsured, she was able to have the surgery in San Diego. Doctors had to put 14 screws and a titanium mesh in his head.

    Now able to return home for the first time, Katie says she’s not interested in dwelling on her traumatic month. She said GMA she is ‘happy to go out, to find everyday life, to move on’.

    She was seen smiling with her family before picking up the local social media star Chopper the biker dog to walk from his wheelchair.

    Katie's parasail disconnected from the boat on its way to Mexico and she flew through the air for 45 minutes before crashing into an airport

    29-year-old has a long road to recovery but says she's only interested in the future

    Katie’s parasail disconnected from the boat on its way to Mexico and she flew through the air for 45 minutes before crashing into an airport. 29-year-old has a long road to recovery but says she’s only interested in the future

    What was supposed to be a 10-minute ride escalated when a rope tying it to the boat suddenly snapped

    Katie was in the air for 45 minutes during a storm before falling hundreds of feet and crashing into an airport

    Katie’s 10-minute ride took a horrible turn when a rope tying her to the boat snapped. She said that when she fell she passed out shortly before the accident

    Video of the horrific event showed Katie’s “10-minute parasailing ride” turned into a nightmare as she was thrown into the sky.

    When she finally crashed to the ground, Katie said she was unaware because she had spun forward so much.

    “When I was going down quickly… I started going around in circles and got sick, so I just started saying a prayer right before I collapsed and passed out,” she said.

    After the accident, her father Kelly Malone flew to Mexico to see Katie in intensive care. He said he was shocked at the difference between her lying in bed and the photos she sent a few hours before.

    “It was sad to see her in this state,” he said. KSWB. “In fact, that morning she sent me pictures of herself – she went surfing the day before.”

    “And then you see her like that and you see her in the hospital and it breaks your heart.” It’s hard. It is a truly moving journey.

    But on Wednesday, as she was finally released from the hospital, her outlook was much brighter.

    “She’s in high spirits,” he told GMA. “We are just happy that she is back here to receive the proper treatment.”

    Katie said she was deeply grateful for the support she received from those who helped her return to the United States, pay for medical treatment and be there to support her.

    His medical expenses and his return air ambulance to the United States were covered by groups, former politicians and private donors.

    Katie also suffered a major head trauma and during surgery, doctors had to put 14 screws and a titanium mesh in her head.

    Katie also suffered a major head trauma and during surgery, doctors had to put 14 screws and a titanium mesh in her head.

    After hearing the bad news she would need to get home for further treatment, Katie’s brother Brendan made a video from her hospital bed begging for help so she could get home. and receive medical treatment in the United States.

    “Her pituitary does not stop swelling, she is sending false messages to her kidney,” he explained. “To some degree it becomes fatal.”

    “The doctors here at the hospital think they’ve done their best, but unfortunately the kind of medical care she needs is in the United States.”

    Since Katie did not have travel insurance, a GoFundMe campaign raised funds for its first operations.

    But that wasn’t enough to cover the cost of an air ambulance back to San Diego.

    It was then that former California Representative Duncan L Hunter and his son, current California Congressman Duncan D Hunter, stepped in to help.

    Hunter Sr contacted the Mexican Embassy and sent Life Flight a personal guarantee for the $ 13,900 air ambulance.

    He said several other groups also helped pay for the flight and hundreds of people have since donated to pay Katie’s hospital bills.

    “Once we got the congressman involved it went really well,” Kelly said..

    “He had contacts. I believe he even contacted the consulate in Washington DC. After that, everything went really, super fast.

    Katie, who had been in Mexico for weeks, landed in San Diego at 9 p.m. last Tuesday and was immediately greeted by her family.

    “It was a dream, it was all we prayed for,” said Brendan KGTV. “It was a perfect flight for Katie, she was full of smiles.”

    After Katie landed at Brown Field, she was transferred to UC San Diego Medical Center by ambulance.

    Mexican police continue to investigate the parasailing company behind the horrific crash, and Katie’s family say they have not decided whether to sue.

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    California model involved in horrific parasailing accident in Mexico returns to the United States

    By Parasailing

    A model from San Diego has been repatriated to the United States to undergo surgery for head trauma after being involved in a terrible parasailing accident in Mexico.

    Katie Malone was on vacation in Puerto Vallarta for her birthday earlier this month when she went parasailing, FOX5 San Diego reported. Malone was in the air for about 45 minutes when his parachute broke, according to a GoFundMe setting up the page to help pay their medical bills. It then crashed into an airport.

    Brendan Malone, Katie’s brother who is a musician from Nashville, described the tragic details to FOX17 Nashville.

    Katie Malone suffered horrific injuries in her accident.

    Katie Malone suffered horrific injuries in her accident.

    “The boat overturned and people started pulling on the cables trying to pull it down and that’s when the parachute line broke and then sent it on. along the Mexican coast hundreds of feet in the air, ”he said.

    Brendan Malone said his sister usually visits him in Nashville for modeling gigs. He said she prayed throughout the trial.

    “She just kept praying for herself and praying to God that she would take her through this and that’s what happened,” he said.

    Malone suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured pelvis, skull and ribs, a collapsed lung and facial injuries, according to the GoFundMe page. Malone’s mother Kelly told FOX5 San Diego that her daughter’s head injuries required her to see a doctor in the United States.

    “It was sad to see her in this condition,” Kelly Malone told the station. “Actually that morning she sent me pictures of her – she went surfing the day before – and then you see her like that and you see her in the hospital and it breaks your heart. It’s hard, it’s a really moving journey.

    Former Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter helped with the financial arrangements, making Malone’s robbery possible.

    “Once we got the congressman involved, everything went very well. He had contacts. I think he even contacted the consulate in Washington, DC and then it all happened really quickly, ”said Kelly Malone.

    The GoFundMe page has already raised over $ 48,000 to help cover medical bills.

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