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Where to snorkel and scuba dive in Puerto Rico

By Scuba diving

Marine life is as dynamic as life on land.

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For all the allure of Puerto Rico – there is art and music in almost every corner, and welcoming locals eager to show off the beauty of their island wherever you go – you might wonder if the reefs corals here can follow the good vibes above the waves. The answer is final if.

With over 300 miles of coastline to explore, you’re never far from a vibrant coral reef for snorkeling or an exciting vertical wall for diving in Puerto Rico, home to over 700 species. of fish, turtles, sharks and even whales. home in the warm Caribbean and Atlantic waters that surround the island.

Read on to discover some of the best places around Puerto Rico to snorkel and dive.

Desecheo National Wildlife Reserve

Rising from an expanse of seriously sapphire Caribbean Sea about 12 miles (or 35 minutes by boat) off the west coast of Puerto Rico, Desecheo Island is home to a few goats and no humans and is a wildlife refuge. protected and a marine reserve since 1976.

With fishing prohibited here, marine life is abundant in waters where visibility can reach 150 feet underwater. You are not allowed to set foot on Desecheo Island as it was used as a military firing range in the 1960s and dangers may still be present. But all you want to see is underwater anyway, covered in turquoise waters lapping the shore.

Among the 20 dive sites to explore is one called Candyland on the leeward side of the island which is teeming with towering rocks and sea fans. Divers often spot leatherback turtles, green turtles, and spotted stingrays patrolling 40 to 80 feet of water here. Snorkelers revel in the incredibly healthy coral reefs populated with parrotfish and angelfish. Experienced divers can explore caves and underwater cave openings at the dive site called Las Cuevas.

How to Scuba Dive at Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge

Taino divers runs two-tank guided scuba diving charters to Desecheo Island that cost $ 140 for divers and $ 115 for snorkelers. Rental equipment costs an additional $ 35 and there is a charge of $ 20 per person for Marine Park fees.

Tres Palmas Marine Reserve

Closer to shore in Rincon, one of Puerto Rico’s main skateboarding capitals for surf set, the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve convinces surfers to try a snorkeling session or dive among the reefs. thriving coral reefs home to some of the healthiest stands in elkhorn coral In the Caribbean.

Fishing is also prohibited there and the marine biodiversity of the region thrives. You will likely see huge spiny lobsters peeking out of reef crevices among many other typical coral reef creatures, such as angelfish and moray eels. And leatherback turtles are often seen cruising the colorful shoals.

To snorkel from shore, bring your mask and fins to Steps Beach and go on your own, or book an underwater tour and let guides who know the waters help you spot all manner of swimmers among the corals. and fans, including surgeonfish and yellow striped growls.

How to Scuba Dive and Snorkel in Tres Palmas Marine Reserve

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Diving and snorkeling in Rincon offers two-tank guided shore dives with all equipment for $ 95 per person ($ 60 for single-tank dives) and private guided snorkeling tours with all equipment starting at $ 79 per person .

Parguera wall

South of Rincon, in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, the municipality of Lajas attracts ocean lovers of all kinds for fishing and paddleboarding in a lush setting fringed by mangroves facing the Caribbean Sea and the Underwater adventures just off the coast of the fishing village of La Parguera.

For experienced divers, a visit to the area involves blowing bubbles over coral-covered walls and outer reef platforms marked by trenches and slopes that plunge more than 100 feet off the wall of La Parguera. . The famous dive site is eight kilometers off the coast of La Parguera and its promenade lined with restaurants. And you will likely see triggerfish, turtles, and various reef fish as well as the occasional reef sharks partying with the corals. You can also see pelagic species like barracudas, dolphins and even manta rays passing by.

Several companies organize regular excursions to the wall and reefs of La Parguera and also take snorkelers through the mangroves to a bioluminescent bay where you can enter the water and swim in the blue-green glow. (This is the only Bioluminescent Bay tour in Puerto Rico where you can actually enter the water, and not to be missed).

How to Scuba Dive and Snorkel in La Parguera Wall

Paradise Dive and Snorkeling Center runs dual tank dives to the wall of La Parguera with all equipment included for $ 125 per person and takes snorkelers to local reefs for $ 50 per person, with all equipment. The company also runs tours of the bioluminescent bay for $ 40 per person.

Culebra Island is full of beautiful beaches for snorkeling.

Playa La Chiva, Vieques

With a name like chiva—GOAT in English — this beach has to be one of the most beautiful ever (sorry, we couldn’t resist). Playa La Chiva is one of the best white sand beaches for snorkeling and sunbathing along the southern shores of Vieques, an island off the east coast of Puerto Rico.

When you step off the beach for the first time into the shallow, clear waters rippling with seagrass, you might wonder if there is anything more to see than plants. But keep your eyes peeled as your chances of spotting green turtles feeding on seagrass are high – and large southern stingrays are often seen flapping their wings across the shallow, sun-speckled landscape. .

How to snorkel in Playa la Chiva

Isla Nena Diving rents snorkel gear for $ 15 per day ($ 10 per day for three or more days) if you want to scuba dive on your own and organize guided snorkeling tours in Playa la Chiva for $ 60 per person (equipment included).

Rompeolas-Mosquito Pier, Vieques

Stretching for nearly a mile in the open waters of Vieques’ north coast, Rompeolas-Mosquito Pier has all manner of beams and coral-covered underwater structures that attract an abundance of marine life.

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Built by the US Navy in the 1940s as a seawall, the north side of the pier is particularly interesting for snorkeling, with hawksbill turtles commonly seen (they like to munch on the sponges that grow on the pier stilts. ) as well as octopus and even eagle rays. Other tropical life forms you may spot include schools of Creole wrasse, angelfish, growls, and perhaps, on especially lucky days, manatees and dolphins.

How to Scuba Dive and Snorkel at Rompeolas-Mosquito Pier

Isla Nena Diving rents snorkel gear for $ 15 per day ($ 10 per day for three or more days) if you want to scuba dive on your own and runs guided snorkeling tours to Rompeolas-Mosquito Pier for $ 60 per person (equipment included). Divers can take guided dual tank dives at the pier with Isla Nena Scuba for $ 80 (add $ 50 if you need to rent all of your gear).

Snorkel right by the beach or take a boat to a memorable dive site in Puerto Rico.

Playas Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario, Culebra

With rolling mountains as a backdrop and crystal-clear waters beckoning you in, the beaches of Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario draw divers and snorkelers to the small island off Culebra, off the east coast of Porto. Rico. Both beaches are located on the northwest coast of Culebra; you can drive to Tamarindo, but you will have to walk from Flamenco beach to Carlos Rosario.

The mangrove-fringed waters and protected coral reefs in Luis Peña Nature Reserve are home to a kaleidoscope of marine life. And on underwater excursions, you might spot sea turtles and huge groupers or find yourself finned in clouds of colorful reef fish.

You can dive right from Tamarindo Beach, but certified divers make a point of going out with operators who visit some of the more than 50 dive sites around the island. It’s also best to join a guided snorkeling tour to visit Carlos Rosario Beach, in the northwest corner of the island, accessible only by boat or by a steep hike from Flamenco Beach. Culebra, which is only seven miles long and two miles wide, has a good selection of small hotels, inns and cottages where you can spend a night or more.

How to scuba dive and snorkel in Playas Tamarindo and Carlos Rosario

Culebra divers rents complete sets of snorkel gear for $ 20 per day and offers guided snorkeling tours to areas around Culebra, including Playa Tamarindo and Playa Carlos Rosario, for $ 60 per person, with all equipment included. The company also offers two-tank guided dive trips to dive sites near both beaches for $ 125 per person, including all equipment.

Escambrón Marine Park

For urban snorkeling just a 10-minute drive from Old San Juan, Escambrón Marine Park is popular with locals and visitors looking to get into the water with sea turtles while admiring the caves and coral formations that lie just off the beach.

You can rent equipment and find out for yourself. But you’ll likely get more of the experience exploring alongside a guide who is knowledgeable about the area. On guided snorkeling tours that depart straight from the beach, you might spot things like blue ponds and damselflies as well as hawksbill and green turtles.

How to Snorkel in Escambrón Marine Park

Diving dogs offers guided snorkeling tours for $ 80 per person (or $ 50 per person for two or more people) that include all equipment.

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A kitesurfing accident calls for a multi-agency intervention

By Kite surfing

Coastguards, firefighters and paramedics were called to Poole after a kite surfer collided with a tree in Sandbanks.

The Solent Coast Guard Operations Center received a report at 1:24 p.m. on Sunday March 28 of an injured kite surfer after being caught by a gust of wind off Whitley Lake and blown into a tree off the coast of Haven Road.

The Poole Coast Guard Rescue Team and the Southbourne Coast Guard, as well as two fire engines from the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Services were called in.

Haven Road was temporarily closed when firefighters recovered the kite, which remained tangled in the tree.

Upon arrival, the victim was being treated by the South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust for his injuries.

A Southbourne Coast Guard spokesperson said: ‘Tasked at 1:24 pm by the National Maritime Operations Center to report a kite surfer that collided with a tree near Shore Road in Poole.

“The Poole Coast Guard Rescue Team, Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Services and Ambulance Service have also been tasked.

“Once there, we established that the victim was in the care of the ambulance service.

“Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue shot down the kite surfer’s kite so it was safe if it was blown out of the tree at a later date.

“Therefore, we withdrew and returned to the station. ”

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Special forces veterans and disabled people all set for scuba diving record

By Scuba diving

The CLAW Global team trains people with different abilities to conquer the sea, land and air for the triple elementary world record. All you need to join them is an indomitable spirit

The Special Forces (SF) are the Jedi Knights of the Indian Armed Forces: elite warriors accustomed to volunteering for impossible missions. Most at home in rocky defiles where snow falls in thick gusts, lush jungles where the vibe is as oppressive as the gray blanket of nimbus clouds and the dark depths of our oceans, they live their lives in the lesser corners. known to our country. Trained to survive, stabilize and thrive in extraordinary situations, they retire in their mid-30s with skills such as skydiving, scuba diving, mountaineering, unarmed combat and medical intervention. emergency. In the backcountry where most come from, and in the corporate jobs that are their second careers, these skills are rusting.

Major Vivek Jacob (retired)

In January 2019, Major Vivek Jacob, a Para SF officer with 14 years of experience in the Indian military who had to hang up his boots following a combat parachuting injury, founded CLAW Global (Conquer Land Air and Water). , to teach life skills to adventurers and people with disabilities (PWD). Its core team, mostly in their thirties, also includes Major Arun Ambathy and five soldiers from the Para, Para SF regiments and the Marine Commandos (MARCOS).

“The CLAW team includes soldiers who have long been exposed to fierce fighting and civilian volunteers who join our ranks. Premature retirements in the FS are numerous – these soldiers seek change after years of difficult life and bloodshed – around 300 retire each year, ”says Arun, based in Chennai, one of the directors of CLAW , who retired after numerous injuries. “There are no ecosystems to absorb these men and CLAW has helped them adjust to a job profile they are comfortable with. In February 2019, CLAW’s Operation Blue Freedom began teaching people with disabilities to scuba dive to preserve their dignity.

CLAW Global Team

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the CLAW team provided free scuba diving training to more than 100 disabled people paralyzed by spinal cord injuries. He is in the process of building a squad for the first of the triple elementary world record to be held in the Maldives in April.

“We first train in the pool, then move on to quarry diving and then offshore. People with disabilities will also be trained in adapted parachuting. [Dubai] and adapted mountaineering [Siachen glacier] for registration. We hope to complete all three cases by the end of 2021, ”Arun said over the phone, adding that it was an open appeal for people with disabilities and able-bodied people to join them on the case. “People with disabilities have the spirit – like SF, they learn to thrive in a difficult world – but sometimes not the money or the circumstances. We want to fill that out. In the future, we hope that NGOs and businesses can directly sponsor people with disabilities.

Participants in the scuba diving camp in Pondicherry

Participants in the Scuba Diving Camp in Pondicherry | Photo credit: Cee Jay

In Pondicherry, a handful of unlikely amateurs – teenagers, doctors, students and veterans – gathered to learn to dive. “The level of handicap has never been a problem because we are trained in adapted diving. We have mixed lots – able-bodied, amputee, wheelchair users, some paralyzed in the neck … the government of India. “When we took Salma Salmath, a person with a disability, to dive at Lakshadweep, the powerful image of her in a hijab underwater opened the doors for others.”

Dr Deepa Venkatesh at the camp

Dr Deepa Venkatesh at camp | Photo credit: Cee Jay

In the Bay of Bengal, a boat propped up on a boulder with a scuba gear tips over, revealing little of the calm cobalt blue waters below. Coorg-based Dr Deepa Venkatesh, a 34-year-old polio dentist who uses crutches, follows her retired instructor Havildar Prabash Kumar as she carefully lowers into the ocean where visibility is 12 meters a good day.

“Our instructor / student ratio is 1: 1. We descend to 18 meters with eight gradual dips and vital signs monitoring – people with spinal cord injuries cannot thermoregulate and may lack bladder and bowel control, ”says Arun.

Adventure is for everyone

Instructors use a combination of encouragement and instruction. As a sweetener there is a bonfire in the evening, but during the day it is hard work. “This was the first time I heard about adapted scuba diving in India and now I want to compete for the record as well. CLAW got around my handicap, weighing my legs down so I wouldn’t continue to float. instructors are empathetic and make us practice on an equal basis with others; that makes all the difference, “says Dr Deepa, adding that she also enjoys skydiving.” Apprehensions abound but CLAW also addresses phobia issues. and sudden ascent which can be dangerous They are very systematic Adventure is for everyone.

Petty Officer Pardeep Ritwal, formerly of MARCOS and combat diving instructor who lost his leg in a cylinder explosion accident, helps train people with disabilities

Petty Officer Pardeep Ritwal, Formerly MARCOS and Combat Dive Instructor Who Lost His Leg in Cylinder Blast Accident, Helps Train People with Disabilities | Photo credit: special arrangement

This is something that MARCOS veteran Master Pardeep Ritwal believes in. Pardeep, a combat diving instructor lost his leg in an accident, but now helps people with disabilities dive. It jumps to the ocean’s edge and dives deep, pointing out that if you don’t live on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.

For registration and details call 9958084473.

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Scuba diving and surfing become popular in Vizag

By Scuba diving

Boasting a vast expanse of coastline and calm waters, the beaches of Vizag are ideal for water sports. Although they have been accessible in the city for some time now, the number of people playing the sport is limited. Today, with most of us working from home, the citizens of Vizag are going on an adventure. And given the expanse of Vizag, scuba diving and surfing in Rushikonda have looked to make great strides.

Scuba diving in Vizag

“After the lockdown, there appears to be an increased demand for scuba diving in the city. After the Rajahmundry accident and the obvious pandemic, it’s nice to see people opening up to the idea of ​​scuba diving, ”said Balaram Naidu, founder of Livein Adventures.

Even if you are not used to swimming, after a short, professionally guided session in shallow water, all you need to do is take a dip in the ocean. If you want to dive professionally, Livein Adventures offers courses to become a solo diver or divemaster. According to the Livein team, the duration of the training varies from 2 to 6 months. “We have around 100 to 150 divers exploring the bay every month. There are 25 people in training in our institute. As part of our training program, candidates will also be certified by the globally recognized Professional Association of Diving Instructors. [PADI]Balram informed.

Mr. Naidu also informed that apart from Rushikonda, the search for another dive site near Bhogapuram, Chinthapalli is currently underway. Livein Adventures intends to work with the state government to create a scuba diving academy. The said academy hopes to open up new job opportunities in Vizag. An underwater festival is another blueprint for the future, which should bring worldwide recognition to Vizag as a destination for scuba diving.

To enhance the experience, the trained divers of the Livein club constantly try to discover unique and original dive sites underwater. Various rare species of corals, reefs, and other aquatic plants and animals have been identified in the process. Beach cleaning programs are also regularly run by members to encourage the public to practice green and clean lives.

Surfing in Vizag

“As surfing is relatively new to India, it is now considered more of a sporting activity than a tourism business in Vizag. Support from the government, sports department and tourism department would help improve the surf culture in the city. Students are professionally trained to compete at state and national level, ”said Anudeep Andy of Lonely Surfers in Rushikonda.

Due to its weaker water currents and calmer waves, the beaches of Vizag are ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers. In Rushikonda, experienced surfers can rent boards and surf through the tides. For beginners there are 3-7 day training sessions that help understand the basics of surfing like catching waves and standing on the board.

Other water sports like speedboat and sea kayaking are also available in the town. Most people go kayaking at sunrise and sunset to take in the scenic views in the middle of the ocean. Even though our beaches offer such exciting opportunities, as a water sports destination Vizag still has a long way to go.

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How these two kite-surf siblings train and travel together

By Kite surfing

How these two kite-surf siblings train and travel together

by Sensi Graves Feb 26 03:00 PST

Camille and Capucine Delannoy © Svetlana Romantsova

MPU Henr-Lloyd BLU
Sea Sure 2021 - FLO - MPU

2020 was the year of the installation, the hooking up and for these two dynamos of French kitesurfing, to train more than ever. In our new series, we’ll explore how GKA athletes train for competition. As the level of kitesurfing continues to explode, competitors dive deep into diet, training and mental strategy.

We sat down with siblings Camille and Capucine Delannoy for a glimpse into their unique relationship and how they push each other on and out of the water.

Even though he is still only 22 years old, Camille Delannoy is already a veteran of the tour. He was born and raised in France before moving to Prea, Brazil with his family and it was there that he perfected his overpowered riding style. He always seems more comfortable when the conditions are really good and his level of strapless freestyle is high. Its front rollers are some of the smoothest, finest and sleekest on the market and it engages hard when it’s on the water. We asked Camille a few questions about his training style and how he pushes his sister in his riding.

Capucine is Camille’s younger sister, but make no mistake, her drive is powerful and versatile. She’s already one to watch on tour and we’re sure to see some great things from her this year!

Read on for their training schedule, how they like to travel together, and what they have planned for 2021!

Camille Delannoy

How do you help Capucine train?

I don’t know if I can say that I really help her but we spend a lot of time together on the water and being able to ride with her is, I think, motivates her a lot!

Can you explain a typical training day to us?

I can’t give away all of my secrets but it does include a lot of training (in and out of the water), a lot of food and a lot of sleep. I think food is really important and can really make a huge difference in how you feel and how you ride. I am not a vegetarian, but I try to be aware of what I eat and how I feel.

What are your favorite pre-competition foods?

Something light that I can digest quickly. I usually don’t eat that much on a competition day and when I do, only small portions. For example nuts, granola bars, etc.

What is your secret to succeeding in competition?

I think preparation is the key. Again, I can’t give away all my secrets but arriving prepared and confident on a competition day is one of the key factors for success in competition. Of course, even with a lot of preparation it doesn’t assure me that I’m going to do well but it certainly helps.

What are your 2021 goals?

My goals have always been to compete and achieve the best possible results. With the current situation, I don’t know when the next event will take place so my objectives were quite different: I made projects that I always wanted to do but I never had the time (ex: Isole) and I still focus on training but in a different way. I am now more about progression in both freestyle and waves and am finding my own style of riding while trying to bring new things to the sport.

When were you sponsored?

I had my first partnership at 16, it was the start of everything for me!

What’s the best thing about traveling with your sister?

Being able to go to the best places in the world and ride the best waves with her is pretty cool! I’m really happy to be able to share something that is meaningful to both of us.

What’s the worst thing?

When she wants to cook (we usually end up ordering pizza).

How did the move to Brazil go?

I was 13, just started kitesurfing and because we moved to Brazil I was able to kite every day for 6 months a year! So I can’t really complain, it was like heaven to me and I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Favorite saying, quote or mantra?

Have a great time all the time.

How do you keep the board on your feet ?!

Haha this is maybe the question I get asked the most … To put it simply, I use the wind pushing the board against my feet and the rotation helps too. In theory, it’s simple, but on the water it doesn’t always go as planned.

Do you train out of the water?

Sure! I train out of the water almost every day. It’s mostly to prevent injuries and take care of my knee.

How did the confinement go for you?

In fact, I feel bad talking about my confinement … I was in Brazil, windy almost every day so I can’t complain! I worked out a lot (in and out of the water) and did things that I never had time to do, so for me the lockdown was actually pretty good.

What’s your favorite tip?

The triple front roller is definitely one of my favorites!

Capucine Delannoy

How can you help you train with a sibling?

Being always in the water together, training and pushing our limits together helps us a lot!

Can you explain a typical training day to us?

In a typical day, I study in the morning, when the wind picks up, I kite and at the end of the afternoon, I train.

What are your favorite pre-competition foods?

During a competition, I eat small meals, and only things that I can digest quickly, so I can feel comfortable in my heat! Plus, I drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

What is your secret to succeeding in competition?

I think it’s a lot of preparation before the competition physically and mentally and a lot of hours in the water. Also a few minutes before a round I like to enter a “bubble” and not think of the pressure but only of the tricks that I am going to do. My dad helps me with that!

What are your 2021 goals?

My goal this year is to win an event and keep improving my freestyle and my waves.

When were you sponsored?

I had my first sponsor when I was 12 years old.

What’s the best thing about traveling with your brother or sister?

Being able to discover new places, spots and cultures together is incredible!

What’s the worst thing?

When it falls on my waves !!

How did the move to Brazil go?

I was 7 years old, and I was really happy to be able to live on a beach, learn to kite and ride my horse.

Favorite saying, quote or mantra?

Difficult question I asked my family and apparently the quote I say the most is “I’m hungry”

How do you keep the board on your feet ?!

With the wind and a little speed during the rotation.

Do you train out of the water?

Yes, I try to train every day.

How did the confinement go for you?

I spent the confinement at home, in Brazil where I was able to kite and train every day so I can’t complain!

How does it feel to be the youngest kitesurf competitor?

It’s really cool, everyone is really nice to me and gives a lot of advice. Plus I feel really lucky to be able to learn from other talented runners!

What’s your favorite tip?

The double front roller !!

Coast Guard Foundation MPU 1
Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU
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Parasailing parachutes in Thiruvananthapuram – The Hindu

By Parasailing

Bond Adventures company Fly Kovalam launched the water sport of parasailing for thrill seekers in the capital of Kerala

Anoop SM from Vellayani in Thiruvananthapuram was planning to parasail high in Goa with his pals in early January. But he couldn’t make the trip with his friends. He later discovered water sport reaching the shores of Kovalam, presented by Bond Adventures under the Fly Kovalam banner. Anoop, a camera assistant, says he took it like a bird.

“I had prepared to touch the clouds by watching a lot of YouTube parasailing videos. At first I had some apprehensions because it was a new experience, but it went well. enjoyed that, ”he says.

It was also a first experience for travel vlogger Dr. Mithra Satheesh. “I had always wanted to try parasailing, but the immediate trigger came in the form of a challenge that one of my students tagged me on a social media post about water sports. rise to the challenge when I visited the city, “says Dr Mithra, professor at Government Ayurveda College, Tripunithura.

Providing a boost to tourism in Thiruvananthapuram, parasailing has joined other adventure sports such as paragliding in Varkala, scuba diving in Kovalam and surfing which enjoy good attendance in the district. Also known as parasailing, the recreational activity organized by Fly Kovalam on Hawa Beach involves parasailing with winch, in which take-off and landing is done on a winch boat anchored in the middle of the sea.

Parasailing by the company Fly Kovalam of Bond Adventures

“We are deploying an Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) certified winch parasail boat that was manufactured in Goa. The multi-colored parachute, which was imported from the UK, is attached to a winch securely attached to the boat. Says Jackson Peter, Managing Director of Bond Adventures. Thrill seekers are dropped off at the winch boat, piloted by qualified instructors, on a beach feeder boat. Jackson says parasailing, open to anyone over the age of 10, is allowed up to five nautical miles from shore and parachutes can reach heights of up to 150 meters.

Paratroopers must don life jackets and wear face masks at all times in accordance with Covid-19 protocol. The fee is 2,500 per person for a session and the parasailing is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Jackson, who is part of the Bond Safari company that introduced scuba diving to Kovalam five years ago, says the new venture would help elevate the name of the sought-after coastal destination on the world’s sports map. adventure and stimulate tourism.

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Sidharth Malhotra’s Scuba Diving and Seabobing Adventure Makes Us Wanna Vacation in the Maldives | To travel

By Scuba diving

Raising the bar for beach vacation goals at the start of New Years 2021, Bollywood hunk Sidharth Malhotra has made the exotic Maldives the top of our travel list with his videos to make you green with envy on the gram. Whether it’s surfing the ocean waters on a seabob or finding peace while diving underwater, away from the cacophony of the world, Sidharth not only kicked our travel bug, but also weakened us. knees as we searched for a similar getaway.

Although the actor is back in the town of Tinsel and was typed at Mumbai Airport with the rumor of his girlfriend, Kiara Advani, his social media grips provide enough visual treats for sore eyes. Embracing the luxuries of nature while disconnecting from everyday life, Sid was seen splashing in the turquoise blue waters of the barefoot luxury resort, Soneva Fushi.

In September of last year, the resort launched 8 new water retreats which are the largest overwater villas in the world and promise panoramic ocean views while ensuring maximum privacy for travelers. Sidharth captioned the resort pool video as follows: “Can’t wait to move on to 2021! Happy New Year everyone, Here is a prosperous and healthy year ahead. Peace and Happiness (sic).

+ +

In another video, the Marjaavan The star was seen donning a blue swimsuit and holding a red seabob as he rode the ocean waves and looked straight out of a James Bond movie. The motorized device dragged Sid in and under the waters of the sea at very high speed and he shared the caption, “Happy at the seaside (sic)”.

+ +

Anyone who thought seaside vacations were all about lying on the beach needs to browse Sidharth’s latest stream of videos on social media and rethink. In his last video, at the time of filing this story, Sidharth is shown in the middle of a scuba diving trip.

From swimming with the fish near soft and hard corals to taking a yoga pose underwater, Sid has made sure his diving teases our urge to travel like never before. He simply captioned the video, “At peace, underwater (sic)”.

+ +

About 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, the island nation of the Maldives sits between the Arabian and Laccadive Seas. It’s mostly secluded, which draws travelers looking for a bit of peace away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

From perfect private villas stretching to alabaster-white sand beaches or swings suspended over turquoise blue waters that overlook sunsets plunging into the horizon, everything about the Maldives is close to our hearts. Underwater hotels and private overwater bungalows make the Maldives a true paradise and we can’t wait to tick it off our to-do list.

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Generous Britons raise £ 40,000 for family of two teenagers killed in tragedy as third fight for life

By Parasailing

GENEROUS Brits has donated more than £ 40,000 to the devastated family of two teenagers killed in parasailing crash in Greece – as a third fights for his life in hospital.

They showed their support after the deaths of Jessica Lee Hayes, 15, and her cousin Michael ‘Mikey’ Connelly, 13, on the holiday island of Rhodes on Wednesday.


Jessica Hayes and Michael Connelly, right, died in parasailing tragedy while on family vacation in RhodesCredit: GoFundMe
Jessica, 15, pictured studying on the Greek island just days before she was killed last week


Jessica, 15, pictured studying on the Greek island just days before she was killed last week

The couple were parasailing with Michael’s older brother James, 15, when a rope attaching their parachute to a speedboat snapped.

All three were carried hundreds of feet in the air in rocks off the fishing village of Lindos.

James survived the horror plunge but remains in a medically induced coma in hospital.

Jessica’s father Tony Hayes of Corby Northants has now thanked the UK public for their support as he continues to face his ‘nightmare’.

A GoFundMe page has already raised an incredible £ 40,000 for the United Family.

He says, “We are raising funds for the family that will be used to support them both now and in the struggles that lie ahead.”

Speaking from a hospital in Rhodes, Tony told The Sun on Sunday: “The kind messages from people all over the country have been so supportive.

Both groups of parents watched the boat depart with Jessica (above), James and Michael on board


Both groups of parents watched the boat depart with Jessica (above), James and Michael on board
Jessica's father Tony Hayes has now thanked the UK public for their support


Jessica’s father Tony Hayes has now thanked the UK public for their support

“It’s wonderful to know the people are so nice. The British Consulate has been so supportive as well, they have been wonderful.

“I cry every time I see how much people have given. It is simply amazing.

Local Greek businessman Nikos Mallios, 51, owner of the water sports business used by children, was arrested in the crash.

Greek law prohibits three people from parasailing at a time and the legal minimum age is 16.

But Jessica, Michael and James were all allowed to make the trip as a threesome – despite being all minors.

Sources say cops seized video evidence from the passengers on the speedboat.

The news comes as James’ father Phil, a steelworker from Corby, revealed that an MRI showed no change in his son’s condition.

James’ uncle Tony said: “There is a long way to go, legally. Right now we are all doing very badly in all fairness.

The tragedy happened on the holiday island of Rhodes


The tragedy happened on the holiday island of Rhodes
They were killed while parasailing (stock image)
They were killed while parasailing (stock image)

“It is such a painful pain that we cannot operate. We cannot eat or sleep.

“We miss Jessica and Mikey so much. Nine-year-old Jessica’s little sister is in so much pain.

“She was so close to Jess and the boys. She needs her big cousin James to get by so they can laugh and joke like they used to.

Phil and Sharon Connelly described James as “the most perfect son”, reports the BBC.

“He is in a dark place right now, but with the support and prayer offered and his medical attention, I have no doubts that he will be okay,” Phil added.

“He will wake up to find his brother and cousin in eternal rest; it will devastate him as we have done.

Greek prosecutors have asked for more time to gather evidence before charging anyone with the children’s deaths.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said after the tragedy: “We are supporting the family of two Britons after their death in Rhodes and are in contact with the Greek authorities”.

Parasailing crash in Rhodes: two arrests after the death of 13 and 15-year-old Britons and a third teenager fighting for life
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Man died kitesurfing locally named Dollymount Beach

By Kite surfing

A man who died on Saturday kitesurfing in Dublin is called Ger Fennelly (39).

An experienced kite-surfer, he struggled while participating in a charity event at Dollymount Strand around 9am.

Emergency services, including the coast guard and ambulance services, were called to the scene. He was removed from the water but pronounced dead at the scene. His body was taken to Mater Hospital.

“Ger was kitesurfing for the charity Mental Health Ireland,” said his sister Elaine Fennelly. “Some of the guys got dressed for the event, for Halloween.”

In a statement, Howth Coast Guard said on Saturday: “The Irish Coast Guard Emergency Operations Center this morning at 9:14 am received a call reporting a kitesurfing incident on Dollymount Beach and requesting assistance for the National Ambulance Service and An Garda Síochána attending the scene.

“The Howth Coast Guard unit responded quickly and, along with paramedics from NAS and Dublin Fire Brigade, provided first aid.

“The victim was transported off the beach by Coast Guard 4x4s to a NAS ambulance waiting on the Dollymount causeway.”

Mr. Fennelly had been kitesurfing for 14 years, according to the Piranha Triathlon Club of which he was “a long-time and respected member”.

A tribute to him on the club’s website said Mr. Fennelly had been an active member and “friendly face” of the club.

“Ger volunteered his time and energy, leading many Sunday laps and always helping with the club’s race.

“Ger loved the triathlon, representing Piranha at many triathlons across the country and abroad. He was always welcome at any training session or club race.

He said Mr Fennelly finished Ironman Barcelona in 2018 and wrote about achieving the goal while living with type 1 diabetes.

“Ger has made a lasting impression on many members of the triathlon community and will be sadly missed by all who knew him. He had a wonderfully positive outlook on life, was a kind soul and a true gentleman, ”he said.

He would be survived by his parents and his sister Elaine Fennelly.

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Family Pays Tribute to ‘Talented’ Cousins ​​Killed in Rhodes Parasailing Crash

By Parasailing

The family of two British teenagers who died in a parasailing accident while on vacation in Greece paid tribute to their “beautiful” and “talented” children.

Cousins ​​Jessica Hayes, 15, and Michael Connelly, 13, died on the Greek island of Rhodes on Wednesday when the rope holding their parasail awning snapped.

Michael’s brother, James Connelly, 15, who was with them at the time, survived but is in critical condition in hospital.

Michael’s parents paid tribute to the teenagers, both from Corby in Northamptonshire.

“He never had a bad word to say about anyone and was always a popular kid in school and in his drama class.

“His goal of winning two Oscars before he turned 18 was tragically wrenched away, and his family and friends will never recover from his passing.

“The world is a much poorer place for Mikey who isn’t there.

“He left with his beautiful cousin Jessica, who was adored by all who knew her – the brightest shining star with the world at his feet.

“She could have been anything she wanted, as smart as she was.

“His loss leaves a hole in our family that will never be filled.”

The family asked people to pray for their son James, who they say is on life support.

Jessica was a student at Uppingham Community College and the boys attended Kingswood Secondary Academy, the Northamptonshire Telegraph reported.

They said, “In a place where we needed to spend quality family time, we suffered the most devastating loss.

“Jessica was a beautiful, bubbly young lady, who was extremely popular and loved by so many people. Jess always laughed with friends and loved a good laugh, with her lovely smile.

“She had her best years ahead of her, she could have achieved anything she wanted. She was so smart and so artistic.

“She loved nothing more than doing her own acrylic nails and those of her friends, as well as looking amazing with makeup.”

The family said Jessica “loved to cook and bake” and enjoyed camping trips, having won her Duke of Edinburgh award.

“We are devastated and we really want our privacy and that of our family and friends to be respected during this time,” they added.

The Greek Coast Guard said the teenagers were found on a rocky coastal area near the village of Lindos.

A 51-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident, the coast guard said.

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