Learning leadership lessons through scuba diving


The heavens are overcast for PS Viswanath, CEO and CEO of recruitment firm Randstad India. “We spend so much time flying because of work, whether it’s overseas or in corners of India.”

Earth is also supported, as he lives on planet Earth, of course. “But my passion is to have the underwater experience. That’s how it started,” he says, referring to his scuba diving trips. The recruiting expert made his first dive in 2016 in the Andaman Islands. It was an experience he found so “incredible” that he decided he would like to go out for at least a week every year to swim among the fish. The resolution took him to Murdeshwar on the Karnataka coast in 2017 and 2019.

It’s about cherishing that moment when you see underwater creatures. Marine life is fascinating. It is also a test of endurance and perseverance for him. “You’re thrown out of your comfort zone, leaning on the oxygen canister strapped to your back. It gives you thrills as well as scares. There’s always an instructor with you, of course, adds- “But you only have your fingers and hands to communicate with – a great lesson in leadership, he points out. “Communication isn’t just verbal, but it also has to do with your body language. .”

These are the things that interest him the most in scuba diving, aside from the beauty and mystique that the underwater world presents, he says. But Covid-19 has played spoilsport in his resolve to make annual scuba diving trips. Vishy, ​​as he is affectionately known, is also keen on getting his certification. But he admits he hasn’t been able to carve out that kind of time for his work and other priorities. The hunt for deep-sea apprenticeships will have to wait for now, as Vishy is busy scouting for talent for organizations in the midst of hiring in a booming job market.


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