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Here are the most amazing places to parasailing in Maryland’s Ocean City, the costs associated with the unique activity, and what to expect.

Parasailing is a unique water sport enjoyed by many people around the world. The activity varies with altitude and is undertaken depending on weather conditions. Apart from the fun, joy and entertainment it brings to the people practicing this activity, parasailing also makes it easier to breathe and strengthens the immune system as it releases adrenaline in the body. There are many places where people can go for unforgettable parasailing activities. One of them is Ocean City in Maryland, known for its various water sports activities including jet-skiing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, paddle boarding and, of course, parasailing. Here are the most amazing places to parasailing in Maryland’s Ocean City, the costs associated with the unique activity, and what to expect.

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They are the most experienced parasailing company in Ocean City

Since 1984, OC Parasail operators have flown over 400,000 flights for their customers. This company is known for offering the most security to its customers, it is well established and the most experienced in Ocean City. Those looking for peace of mind will enjoy trying parasailing with OC Parasail.

  • What to expect: People can customize their experience with OC Parasail to the degree of extreme they want. They can choose from different boats available, which gives them the flexibility to select the accelerations, speeds and trip lengths they want.
  • Cost: The height one wishes to reach during their parasailing experience will affect the price to be paid. A 400 foot trip to OC Parasail costs around $79, while an 800 foot trip costs around $99.
  • Recommended: People are advised to take a seaside tour with OC Parasail to experience what freedom really is. However, those who prefer to stay closer to observers and land will feel better about taking a bayside ride.

Also, people who don’t feel like parasailing but are part of the party are still allowed by OC Parasail management to watch from dry land as spectators.

This Business Chain Offers the Best Parasailing View in Ocean City

Sea Rocket can be found in various hotspots across America, including Fort Lauderdale and Dewey Beach. Customers have consistently described parasailing experiences with this company as a “first class experience”. Sea Rocket Ocean City offers the best parasailing views from its waterfront since it runs parallel to the city’s coastline. This will allow people to enjoy stunning scenery of the city, not just the bay and its surrounding waters.

  • Duration: 1.5 hours is the minimum duration for parasailing experiences with Sea Rocket Ocean City.
  • Cost: The price for a parasailing session with Sea Rocket Ocean City starts at 99 USD.
  • Option : People who aren’t parasailing fans can opt for kayak rentals or boat cruises from Sea Rocket Ocean City.

People also feel more excited to experience parasailing at Sea Rocket Ocean City, thanks to the friendliness of the staff and their positive, professional, and fun attitude with their customers.

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Stingrays and dolphins can be spotted while parasailing at this Ocean City location

Inlet Parasailing offers one of the most unique experiences in Ocean City as it allows people to fly double. They can even go triple. They also have the option of choosing between a land take-off/landing or an aquatic take-off/landing. A photo package can be included in the experience. And that’s not forgetting the eagle-eyed staff who monitor the safety of their guests throughout the parasailing experience.

  • What to expect: Those who experience parasailing at Inlet Parasailing will enjoy incredible rare sights on the trip, such as spotting stingrays and dolphins below them on the waterfront. They will also have the chance to parasail above the national park. , where they can catch a glimpse of the glamorous ponies.
  • Cost: Inlet Parasailing has similar prices to OC Parasail. However, when people buy tickets as a package, they will get a discount. For example, a package of 2 parasailing tickets and a jet ski ticket costs $239, compared to a total of $323 if each ticket was purchased separately.
  • Recommended: People are advised to opt for the GoPro video experience, where they can record every second of their parasailing trip and keep it as an unforgettable memory for future reference.

Marine life can be enjoyed at lower heights when booking a parasailing experience with Paradise Watersports in Ocean City. However, when experiencing the unique activity at higher elevations, people will have the opportunity to spot the stunning beaches of Assateague Island and Delaware. This only applies when weather conditions permit.

What’s so unique about Paradise Watersports is that spectators also have the option of getting a ticket for $60 and reserving a seat on the boat that follows the parasailing.

  • Cost: A 400-foot trip costs $79 with Paradise Watersports, while an 800-foot trip costs $99.
  • Option : Three people can ride under a parasailer and up to 12 people are allowed on the boat.
  • Recommended: People are advised to dress in swimsuits as they will have the chance to dive into the water when parasailing with Paradise Watersports.


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