Five True Blue Dolphin Riding Spots For Scuba Diving In Goa


Scuba diving in Goa is quickly turning into a hub for scuba divers and beach lovers from all over India.

Goa offers a multitude of places for this extraordinary adventure, as well as its alluring and exhilarating seashores and invigorating islands. Goa is by far one of the great places to travel in India when it comes to water sports. Of all the adventures, scuba diving is one of the most unusual. Scuba diving in Goa will not only captivate you anymore, but also create a lot of memories. The shores of Goa are teeming with wonderful, vibrant underwater creatures, fish, lobsters, coral reefs and flora. If you are planning a trip to Goa, make sure you don’t miss out on this exhilarating experience.

5 best scuba diving spots in Goa
Here is one of the most famous places for a super stimulating trip under the deep waters of Goa and experience the life of wonderful creatures and corals residing underwater.

1. Big island
It is one of the most famous places in the state of Goa for scuba diving adventures. Located in South Goa, it is a distinctive and pleasant island where humans come from all over the world to study the wonderful underwater marine life, corals and reefs.

You can reach Grande Island by boat or yacht from the nearest seaside, Bogmalo Beach. Visibility here is one of the qualities that you can get in Goa. The area has shallow water suitable for inexperienced people and novice divers.

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2. Uma Guva Reef
This has dive sites ranging from 6 meters to 12 meters. Uma Guva Reef is one of the first class places to experience the life of the inhabitants of the deep.

One can also locate a range of tunas, sharks, turtles and even vibrant snappers while scuba diving at this exact spot. This spot is around Grande Island and is extremely famous among ordinary Goan divers. Due to its scenic splendor, relatively gentle waters, and diverse ocean fauna, it presents some of the satisfying scuba diving experience in Goa.

3. Island of the Malvans
Mavlan Island is quickly transforming into an extraordinarily famous vacation spot for divers near Goa. Located just two hours away from Goa Airport on the Maharashtra border, this island offers a new chance to experience the calm seaside with lush backwoods. The seashores here are not as commercialized or developed as some of the North Goa seashores, but you might also like the serenity and peacefulness of this location, making it a great vacation spot for the family. deep dive.

The island is known for its white sand beaches. The scuba diving sites here are accessible by boat rides. There are magnificent spots that vary between 5 meters deep and 25 meters. There are a few areas near this island which are extremely famous among diving enthusiasts – Sindhudurg as well as the tsunami island of Tarkali. The calm waters and peaceful waves of Malvan make it an ideal area for discovering panfish, clams, lobsters, vibrant corals and various marine animals. This site is open for diving from October to April. The cost of scuba diving per person is around INR 2500 / -.


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4. Nagoa
Nagoa is a captivating place for novice and professional divers in Goa. Popular for its visibility in the depths, the place allows a clear glimpse of impressive coves and extraordinary foreign types of fish. This location is just 17 kilometers from the famous town of Vasco Da Gama. The best time to dive here is from October to May. The cost per person for diving here is around 5,000 INR / – which is the going price of scuba diving in Goa, making it a well-known place for scuba diving among vacationers. and backpackers.

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5. Calangute Beach
Calangute presents an exceptional scuba diving course to discover the charming underwater inhabitants. The corals and different underwater animals here will captivate you endlessly!

On a good day, one may also be able to spot fascinating dolphins at this location. There will be a variety of top notch specialist divers on this seaside who can help you have a captivating diving experience. The fees here can also fluctuate from one diving school to another, but you can make a wonderful trip around 3,000 INR / -.

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