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Scuba diving is a sport that combines the benefits of swimming with the thrilling joy of discovery and adventure, says amateur diver Dwight Dykstra. You will discover strange and beautiful underwater worlds that you could never have imagined. And whether you’re drawn to unique tropical marine life, love the idea of ​​exploring vast underwater caves, or sunken ships calling your name, there’s somewhere in the world that can oblige.

These are some of the most famous and interesting places in the world for scuba diving enthusiasts of all skill levels.
Read on to get inspired for your next underwater adventure!

Beginner: Barracuda Point in Malaysia

The name alludes to what you will find in the waters of Barracuda Points, says Dwight Dykstra. But sharp-toothed fish aren’t all you’ll see from afar! Sharks, sea turtles, humphead parrotfish, trevallies and groupers also inhabit this huge coral reef.

Swim through coral walls and over a vast seagrass meadow. The plethora of marine life will leave you in shock. If you’re diving to see marine life, Malaysia’s warm, clear waters can’t be beat! The open spaces, clear water and varied depths make it the perfect place for beginners to diving and those looking for a more relaxing experience.

Intermediate: Raja Ampat, Alor, Komodo – Indonesia

Indonesia has over 13,000 islands within its borders and each island has its own unique habitat and wildlife presence. These islands are part of the Coral Triangle, one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. You can find over 1,500 species of fish living off the coast of Raja Ampat.

Do you like hammerhead sharks? Discover the island of Alor. Interested in underwater wildlife photography? Komodo National Park is a must. Just make sure you are confident in your diving abilities before visiting Indonesia, warns Dwight Dykstra. There are plenty of places suitable for novices, but the islands are infamous for their strong currents. So be honest with yourself and your tour guides about your experience level to avoid a tragic accident.

Advanced: Explore Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Says Dwight Dykstra

The Riviera Maya is located in Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula. It is a famous tourist destination, but what attracts divers from all over the world are the Cenotes, says Dwight Dykstra. The Cenotes are vast chasms that lead to an underwater cave system considered by many divers to be the best in the world.

Because cave diving can be dangerous, it’s important that you have the proper technical skills, says Dwight Dykstra. There are a few caverns open at all levels, but to fully explore the cave system, make sure you have plenty of experience and training under your belt first.



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