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Parasailing man attacked by shark; his foot bit

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  • The young man was paragliding when the shark swam to the surface to bite him.

  • He has undergone emergency surgery, but his condition is stable.

  • According to experts, sharks are quite rare in the region.

A shark bites a man’s foot in the air.
(Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / Le Soleil)

A man was bitten on the foot by a shark while paragliding in the Red Sea. According to information from The Sun, the boy is 37 years old and has lived to tell the story.

The incident took place in Aqaba, Jordan. The man was being pulled by a boat, while he was attached to some kind of paraglider, when the shark came to the surface and bit him. The episode was filmed by a witness.

According to The Sun, the boy, whose identity has not been released, was rushed to a nearby military hospital. He has had fractures, as well as several torn tendons and muscles, but is stable after undergoing surgery.

The exact date of the accident is not known, but the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (Aseza) explained that a committee had been formed to investigate a shark attack that took place during the week. last.

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Sharks are rare in the area

According to experts, the man was unlucky, as sharks are very rare in the area. That’s what Mohammad Qatawneh from the Aqaba International Diving Center said.

“The shark attack has garnered a lot of media attention. It really scared a lot of people, but it’s something that can happen anywhere, ”he said. “I have been diving here for 20 years and this is the first time I have heard of a shark attack.”

This story first appeared in Yahoo News Brazil.

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Parasailing parachutes in Thiruvananthapuram – The Hindu

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Bond Adventures company Fly Kovalam launched the water sport of parasailing for thrill seekers in the capital of Kerala

Anoop SM from Vellayani in Thiruvananthapuram was planning to parasail high in Goa with his pals in early January. But he couldn’t make the trip with his friends. He later discovered water sport reaching the shores of Kovalam, presented by Bond Adventures under the Fly Kovalam banner. Anoop, a camera assistant, says he took it like a bird.

“I had prepared to touch the clouds by watching a lot of YouTube parasailing videos. At first I had some apprehensions because it was a new experience, but it went well. enjoyed that, ”he says.

It was also a first experience for travel vlogger Dr. Mithra Satheesh. “I had always wanted to try parasailing, but the immediate trigger came in the form of a challenge that one of my students tagged me on a social media post about water sports. rise to the challenge when I visited the city, “says Dr Mithra, professor at Government Ayurveda College, Tripunithura.

Providing a boost to tourism in Thiruvananthapuram, parasailing has joined other adventure sports such as paragliding in Varkala, scuba diving in Kovalam and surfing which enjoy good attendance in the district. Also known as parasailing, the recreational activity organized by Fly Kovalam on Hawa Beach involves parasailing with winch, in which take-off and landing is done on a winch boat anchored in the middle of the sea.

Parasailing by the company Fly Kovalam of Bond Adventures

“We are deploying an Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) certified winch parasail boat that was manufactured in Goa. The multi-colored parachute, which was imported from the UK, is attached to a winch securely attached to the boat. Says Jackson Peter, Managing Director of Bond Adventures. Thrill seekers are dropped off at the winch boat, piloted by qualified instructors, on a beach feeder boat. Jackson says parasailing, open to anyone over the age of 10, is allowed up to five nautical miles from shore and parachutes can reach heights of up to 150 meters.

Paratroopers must don life jackets and wear face masks at all times in accordance with Covid-19 protocol. The fee is 2,500 per person for a session and the parasailing is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Jackson, who is part of the Bond Safari company that introduced scuba diving to Kovalam five years ago, says the new venture would help elevate the name of the sought-after coastal destination on the world’s sports map. adventure and stimulate tourism.

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Generous Britons raise £ 40,000 for family of two teenagers killed in tragedy as third fight for life

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GENEROUS Brits has donated more than £ 40,000 to the devastated family of two teenagers killed in parasailing crash in Greece – as a third fights for his life in hospital.

They showed their support after the deaths of Jessica Lee Hayes, 15, and her cousin Michael ‘Mikey’ Connelly, 13, on the holiday island of Rhodes on Wednesday.


Jessica Hayes and Michael Connelly, right, died in parasailing tragedy while on family vacation in RhodesCredit: GoFundMe
Jessica, 15, pictured studying on the Greek island just days before she was killed last week


Jessica, 15, pictured studying on the Greek island just days before she was killed last week

The couple were parasailing with Michael’s older brother James, 15, when a rope attaching their parachute to a speedboat snapped.

All three were carried hundreds of feet in the air in rocks off the fishing village of Lindos.

James survived the horror plunge but remains in a medically induced coma in hospital.

Jessica’s father Tony Hayes of Corby Northants has now thanked the UK public for their support as he continues to face his ‘nightmare’.

A GoFundMe page has already raised an incredible £ 40,000 for the United Family.

He says, “We are raising funds for the family that will be used to support them both now and in the struggles that lie ahead.”

Speaking from a hospital in Rhodes, Tony told The Sun on Sunday: “The kind messages from people all over the country have been so supportive.

Both groups of parents watched the boat depart with Jessica (above), James and Michael on board


Both groups of parents watched the boat depart with Jessica (above), James and Michael on board
Jessica's father Tony Hayes has now thanked the UK public for their support


Jessica’s father Tony Hayes has now thanked the UK public for their support

“It’s wonderful to know the people are so nice. The British Consulate has been so supportive as well, they have been wonderful.

“I cry every time I see how much people have given. It is simply amazing.

Local Greek businessman Nikos Mallios, 51, owner of the water sports business used by children, was arrested in the crash.

Greek law prohibits three people from parasailing at a time and the legal minimum age is 16.

But Jessica, Michael and James were all allowed to make the trip as a threesome – despite being all minors.

Sources say cops seized video evidence from the passengers on the speedboat.

The news comes as James’ father Phil, a steelworker from Corby, revealed that an MRI showed no change in his son’s condition.

James’ uncle Tony said: “There is a long way to go, legally. Right now we are all doing very badly in all fairness.

The tragedy happened on the holiday island of Rhodes


The tragedy happened on the holiday island of Rhodes
They were killed while parasailing (stock image)
They were killed while parasailing (stock image)

“It is such a painful pain that we cannot operate. We cannot eat or sleep.

“We miss Jessica and Mikey so much. Nine-year-old Jessica’s little sister is in so much pain.

“She was so close to Jess and the boys. She needs her big cousin James to get by so they can laugh and joke like they used to.

Phil and Sharon Connelly described James as “the most perfect son”, reports the BBC.

“He is in a dark place right now, but with the support and prayer offered and his medical attention, I have no doubts that he will be okay,” Phil added.

“He will wake up to find his brother and cousin in eternal rest; it will devastate him as we have done.

Greek prosecutors have asked for more time to gather evidence before charging anyone with the children’s deaths.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office said after the tragedy: “We are supporting the family of two Britons after their death in Rhodes and are in contact with the Greek authorities”.

Parasailing crash in Rhodes: two arrests after the death of 13 and 15-year-old Britons and a third teenager fighting for life
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Family Pays Tribute to ‘Talented’ Cousins ​​Killed in Rhodes Parasailing Crash

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The family of two British teenagers who died in a parasailing accident while on vacation in Greece paid tribute to their “beautiful” and “talented” children.

Cousins ​​Jessica Hayes, 15, and Michael Connelly, 13, died on the Greek island of Rhodes on Wednesday when the rope holding their parasail awning snapped.

Michael’s brother, James Connelly, 15, who was with them at the time, survived but is in critical condition in hospital.

Michael’s parents paid tribute to the teenagers, both from Corby in Northamptonshire.

“He never had a bad word to say about anyone and was always a popular kid in school and in his drama class.

“His goal of winning two Oscars before he turned 18 was tragically wrenched away, and his family and friends will never recover from his passing.

“The world is a much poorer place for Mikey who isn’t there.

“He left with his beautiful cousin Jessica, who was adored by all who knew her – the brightest shining star with the world at his feet.

“She could have been anything she wanted, as smart as she was.

“His loss leaves a hole in our family that will never be filled.”

The family asked people to pray for their son James, who they say is on life support.

Jessica was a student at Uppingham Community College and the boys attended Kingswood Secondary Academy, the Northamptonshire Telegraph reported.

They said, “In a place where we needed to spend quality family time, we suffered the most devastating loss.

“Jessica was a beautiful, bubbly young lady, who was extremely popular and loved by so many people. Jess always laughed with friends and loved a good laugh, with her lovely smile.

“She had her best years ahead of her, she could have achieved anything she wanted. She was so smart and so artistic.

“She loved nothing more than doing her own acrylic nails and those of her friends, as well as looking amazing with makeup.”

The family said Jessica “loved to cook and bake” and enjoyed camping trips, having won her Duke of Edinburgh award.

“We are devastated and we really want our privacy and that of our family and friends to be respected during this time,” they added.

The Greek Coast Guard said the teenagers were found on a rocky coastal area near the village of Lindos.

A 51-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident, the coast guard said.

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Parasailing regulations in Lake George tightened after near drowning

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LAKE GEORGE – Parasailing operations will be a little different, and hopefully safer this summer on Lake George, if and when they open after the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

The Lake George Park Commission adopted new license conditions at its monthly meeting on Tuesday following a near-drowning during a parasailing trip last summer. The new rules set the minimum number of crews and the maximum wind speed.

Last June, a 23-year-old man from New Windsor fell into Lake George and got entangled in the rigging of a Pinky’s Parasailing Adventures boat. By the time the man was removed from the water, he was unconscious and was not breathing. He was in critical condition for a while, but recovered.

In July, the Park Commission listened to a number of public comments on the safety of parasailing operations, in which a boat tows clients held in the air by a parachute-like kite. The public also discussed kayaking safety, and in October, the Park Commission passed a resolution requiring flags on all commercial canoes and kayaks.

The Park Commission has formed a subcommittee to work with Pinky’s Parasailing Adventures and Parasail Joe’s on updating their permits to include new safety measures. These changes were announced and unanimously adopted on Tuesday.

Parks Commission executive director David Wick discussed some of the most significant changes, including the fact that parasailing boats must have at least three crew members on board, unless all guests are on board. be harnessed before boarding the boat. Then there could be two. Originally, permits only required two crew members.

“What was really going on was when the parasail was actually in the air, the crew member was taking care of the passengers,” Wick said.

The captain both ran the boat and supervised the paratroopers, which Wick said was “a problem in terms of having a dedicated observer.”

The Parks Commission has also clarified the wind speed information for when to fly safely. Parks Commission Enforcement Director Lt. Joe Johns originally said the permit rules did not take gusts of wind into account.

Paratroopers now cannot operate “when the actual or predicted wind speed (i.e. sustained wind) in the next hour is 16 mph or more, as recorded or predicted”, and they cannot operate “when the actual or forecast speed of wind gusts in the next hour is greater than 20 mph,” according to license updates. Wind information is obtained from the National Weather Service station at Warren County Airport in Queensbury.

The permits should “anything but guarantee” that operations occur at a speed of 20 mph or less, Wick said.

Both parasailing operators agreed with the changes, he said.

A version of this article first appeared on, a non-profit news magazine covering Adirondack Park.

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Parasailing tourists have jellyfish surprise during descent

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Two tourists recently suffered the shock of their lives after being immersed in Bulgarian waters filled with jellyfish.

“My mates and I (4 of us) decided to go on the parachute boat. Two went first and they got submerged in the water and Julz (who was with me) thought it was cool and fun, ”one of the tourists explained in a statement to Viral Hog.

“Our pals came out and didn’t say anything and when Julz and I got up we looked at each other and saw that there were a lot of jellyfish below us.”

What good are friends, if not to scare you from time to time?

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SD woman injured in parasailing crash in Mexico recovers

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SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – The young woman seriously injured in a parasailing accident in Mexico walks and surfs a year later.

Katie Malone’s recovery has come a long way. “I survived something that I shouldn’t have survived,” she said.

Malone was in Puerto Vallarta in June 2018 for his birthday. His parasailing ride turned into a nightmare, “I saw the boat capsize and people on the beach running around trying to grab the rope to bring me down.” She said that for almost half an hour she was in the air, she worked to keep her calm, thinking about her dog Leroy and what she was going to wear that night.

Her family say the rope broke and she fell into a twist. Katie said that was all she could do to avoid passing out or getting sick. She said the next thing she remembered was to open her eyes on the ground with emergency crews surrounding her.

“My heart fell on my feet,” said Katie’s brother Brendan.

He started calling and coordinating the trip to Mexico to be with his little sister. He has spoken of being the spokesperson for the family, spreading the word through his music community in Nashville, returning home to California and creating the Gofundme online who reached the world.

She had three surgeries in Mexico and two weeks later the swelling in her brain had not abated. Katie’s mother said doctors doubled her dose of steroids to reduce the swelling in the pituitary gland and this caused a severe reaction.

Katie’s mother Sidona said she was sick all night long and that was when they all feared she wouldn’t make it. Sidona said the doctor took her aside the next day and said: “You don’t understand, she could die and she has to go home now,” urging them to fly her to the United States.

The family overcame enormous hardships, from paying cash for surgeries in Mexico, as Katie was between insurances, looking for a way home by plane. Sidona said some airlines would not fly this far south in Mexican airspace and medical airlines would not take her without insurance. Their network of friends and family gave them solutions.

The last piece came at the last minute, an anonymous donation of $ 20,000 to fund his flight home. His fight to get back to normal is only just beginning.

Katie has relearned to walk, drive and surf over the past year, all while smiling.

“Instead of this terrible accident controlling her, she took control of it,” Brendan said.

Katie says the positivity, her family and her dog, Leroy, kept her going. She said she took Leroy, her support dog, to the hospital to help others and that she was grateful that he was there for her recovery.

She advises anyone facing a challenge that your mind is more powerful than your body, and that positivity will help you overcome it.

“I’m not 100% back, I’m getting there, I’m back to work, not full-time just part-time,” she said as she focused on her health. She works as a masseuse, helping others to feel better.

Among her challenges, she finds it difficult to sit for long periods of time and has to adjust her gait and position.

She hopes her story will change the regulations in Mexico so that it never happens to anyone else.

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Manipur’s Loktak Lake will host parasailing

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Floating or phumdi islands planned for an adventure sports event that begins Thursday

Robert sapam



Posted on 11.19.18, 19:31

The serene 287 km² Loktak Lake in the Bishnupur district of Manipur is ready to don a mantle of adventure. Come Thursday, the vast phumdi-sporting expanse will add the thrill of water parasailing, adding glitz to this year’s Manipur Sangai festival.

The parasailing trial was held in Chingmei Keibul Ching on Sunday at the initiative of the Manipur Tourism Foundation and the Loktak Development Authority.

The nine-day water parasailing is expected to be a big draw in the adventure sports lover state. The Manipur Mountaineering and Trekking Association (MMTA) has urged the state government for better electrification inside the Khuman Lampak sports complex, where youth adventure sports and water sports will be held as part of the festival. MMTA President Bijoy Kakchingtabam said, “We have been participating in the Manipur Sangai Festival since 2006. Every time we get a huge response from sports enthusiasts, especially young people. Last year more people came at night compared to daytime attendance.

“Our main concern is insufficient lighting in and around the enclosures. Many visitors complained last year about poor electrification and we informed the officials concerned. We don’t know if there will be any changes this time around.

Kakchingtabam added, “For adventure and water sports events for young people, we have set up spider net crossing, motor boat rafting on the rowing channel, zorbing on the water, a monkey bridge, artificial boulder climbing, mountain biking to the mini-adventure tourist complex. Paragliding will take place at the old Koirengi airfield. Starting this year, we will also be hosting a Northeast Open Bouldering Competition. “

The MMTA will offer other packages, including an expedition to the Dzukou Valley. There will be treks to Mount Iso in Senapati District, visits to Zeliad Lake, Tharon Cave, Barak Waterfall in Tamenglong District, expeditions to Shirui Peak and Kangkhui Cave in the Ukhrul district and adventure activities at MMI complex in Lamdan in Chruchandpur district. We will have a local boat race, in addition to windsurfing.

Salai Holding and Private Limited, in association with Manipur Tourism, will host a sumo wrestling event at the Khuman Lampak Indoor Stadium from November 22 to 25. Four sumo wrestlers have been invited to the event.

The indigenous sports of Manipur, including mukna, khong kangjei, yubi lakpi and arambai, will be presented at Mapal Kangjeibung.

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This Father-Daughter Duo Just Checked ‘Fly Over Orcas While Parasailing’ From Their Bucket List – Orange County Register

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Parasailing is a great thrill, an activity that will make your heart beat faster. And watching orcas from a boat is an unforgettable experience that many people have yet to check off, given how rare these are off the coast of Orange County.

But hovering above the orcs while parasailing? Now, this is something that not many people can say they have done.

  • A father-daughter duo had the thrill of a lifetime parasailing over orcas this past weekend off the coast of Dana Point. Photo courtesy of Dana Point Parasailing.

  • Orcas still hang around the coast, last seen Tuesday afternoon off Dana Point. (Photo courtesy of Kristin Campbell, Newport Coastal Adventure)

  • A father-daughter duo had the thrill of a lifetime parasailing over orcas this past weekend off the coast of Dana Point. Photo courtesy of Dana Point Parasailing.

  • A father-daughter duo had the thrill of a lifetime parasailing over orcas this past weekend off the coast of Dana Point. Photo courtesy of Dana Point Parasailing.

  • A couple of spectators approach the orcas Tuesday afternoon off Dana Point. (Photo courtesy of Mark Kalez)

This is exactly what happened when a father-daughter duo went out on Saturday for an adventure on Dana Point Parasailing.

“It was amazing,” said Walter Herrera, 59, who joined his daughter Jennifer Herrera-Bousquet in the thrill ride for her 35th birthday. “It was just an experience that I will never forget.

Bucket List Verified

Dana Point Parasailing owner Christopher Turgeon knew orcas were hanging out in the area. When he saw a group of boats gathered just off Dana Point Headlands last Saturday, he asked the couple if they wanted to go see the killer whales.

As it turned out, the orcas wanted to check them out as well.

“For me… it’s one thing on the to-do list,” Herrera said. “For us having a bonus of seeing orcas and being able to fly over them – you can only imagine how exciting that was.”

Herrera admitted their nerves were racing as they hovered over the huge mammals. At one point, her daughter wondered how high they could jump in the air.

“I think we’re fine; we’re 50 feet above them, ”Herrera reassured her.

While at one point he wondered how secure his own harness was, “I was just in awe, trying to get a glimpse of them as we passed.”

Even from the boat, Turgeon’s heart was pounding.

“You can see the male’s large dorsal fin below. My adrenaline was at a level I couldn’t even describe, ”he said, also noting that he had never accidentally dropped anyone into the ocean.

The experience did not end there. When the passengers were hoisted into the boat, the orcas arrived right next to them, leaping within easy reach.

This isn’t the first time Turgeon has flown over someone over wildlife – last year he had sharks parasailed when the great whites were hanging out around Dana Point.

“Sharks are predictable, you know what they’re going to do,” he said. “Orcas are really smart. When you’re around something this big and so smart and you’re on a boat my size, it’s very scary.

Orcas that remain

The orcas appear to be doing loops, heading towards San Diego, ascending to Dana Point and Newport, then descending back south.

They were last seen locally off Dana Point on Tuesday afternoon, the fourth sighting in a week.

Not much is known about this particular family of orcas from the Eastern Tropical Pacific – or ETP – other than the fact that they come from Mexico or the Central American region.

“Maybe they’re on an adventure, they found food here and they seem to like it here,” said Alisa Schulman-Janger, California Killer Whale Project co-founder and killer whale expert. “We know where they’re from, but they’re not from California.”

Schulman-Janger has never seen this particular family and was unable to find any corresponding images of orcas previously documented off the coast of California.

She has yet to make a comparison with photos taken off the coast of Mexico to see if she can find out more about this group of eight killer whales, including a juvenile.

“It’s super exciting to see the ones we’ve never seen before,” said Schulman-Janger.

One thing that is definitely known about these killer whales: they love to eat dolphins.

Orcas have been seen feasting on at least three dolphins between Dana Point and Newport Beach, sometimes appearing to use a strategy to confuse the younger dolphins. (Photo courtesy of Ryan Lawler / Newport Coastal Adventure)

Countless photos and videos have flooded social media in recent days of killer whales playfully swimming alongside or in front of boats or in the wake.

Others are more gruesome and difficult for dolphin lovers to see, as killer whales hunt their prey in front of onlookers.

Killer whales in different parts of the world have different food preferences.

A group of orcas in Washington that made headlines recently after a juvenile in the group, Scarlet, died of malnutrition and other health problems, feed on salmon – causing problems as their source food is also becoming scarce.

“You have a group that will only take fish, other groups that will eat all kinds of dolphins. It’s a totally different situation, ”said Schulman-Janiger. “In the same area, another type (orca) eats sea lions. A mammal eater will do better than a salmon eater.

Here these ETP orcas have found a feast.

“If they have a group of 500 common dolphins, it’s like being at an all-you-can-eat buffet.” said Schulman-Janiger. “Animals have to eat every day… it can be difficult to watch. But this is the cycle of life.

She says that in her memory, never has a group of orcas been stuck for so long in Orange County and the San Diego coast. They were spotted near the shore in La Jolla on Wednesday.

A pod of orcas showed up off San Clemente, heading north through Dana Point and Laguna Beach on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, giving a rare glimpse as they passed through Orange County. (Photo courtesy of Mark Girardeau / Newport Coastal Adventure)

When the CA51 pod appears occasionally, it can hang around for 3-4 days. But these FTEs have been spotted between San Diego and Orange County for nearly two weeks.

“It gives us the opportunity to study these whales that we don’t know about,” she said. “From a scientific point of view, this is a fantastic opportunity.

But, said Schulman-Janger, it’s unclear how long the orcas will stay.

When fed well, these orcas appear to be friendly with boats, much like the CA51s behaved when they introduced themselves to Herrera and her daughter.

“Each group of whales has its own unique personality,” she said. “It’s cool to have such a curious and friendly group with the boats.”

But one thing surprised Schulman-Janger: “I have never seen anyone post pictures of parasailing over orcas.

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San Diego woman injured in parasailing crash freed

By Parasailing

Katie Moran, who nearly died last month after a paragliding trip to Mexico went awry, is discharged from hospital

A San Diego woman who came close to death celebrating her 29th birthday has finally been released from hospital.

Katie Moran was parasailing in Puerto Vallarta on June 8 when bad weather overturned her boat and disconnected her from the ship – sending the birthday girl flying unattached for 45 minutes before crashing into an airport.

She was hospitalized in Mexico with a fractured pelvis and skull, four fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, and broken jaw and cheek, before doctors told her she should be flown back to the States. United for a surgical intervention to the head, after its pituitary gland. gland swollen to 10 times its normal size.

After a massive fundraising campaign for Katie, which is uninsured, she was able to have the surgery in San Diego. Doctors had to put 14 screws and a titanium mesh in his head.

Now able to return home for the first time, Katie says she’s not interested in dwelling on her traumatic month. She said GMA she is ‘happy to go out, to find everyday life, to move on’.

She was seen smiling with her family before picking up the local social media star Chopper the biker dog to walk from his wheelchair.

Katie's parasail disconnected from the boat on its way to Mexico and she flew through the air for 45 minutes before crashing into an airport

29-year-old has a long road to recovery but says she's only interested in the future

Katie’s parasail disconnected from the boat on its way to Mexico and she flew through the air for 45 minutes before crashing into an airport. 29-year-old has a long road to recovery but says she’s only interested in the future

What was supposed to be a 10-minute ride escalated when a rope tying it to the boat suddenly snapped

Katie was in the air for 45 minutes during a storm before falling hundreds of feet and crashing into an airport

Katie’s 10-minute ride took a horrible turn when a rope tying her to the boat snapped. She said that when she fell she passed out shortly before the accident

Video of the horrific event showed Katie’s “10-minute parasailing ride” turned into a nightmare as she was thrown into the sky.

When she finally crashed to the ground, Katie said she was unaware because she had spun forward so much.

“When I was going down quickly… I started going around in circles and got sick, so I just started saying a prayer right before I collapsed and passed out,” she said.

After the accident, her father Kelly Malone flew to Mexico to see Katie in intensive care. He said he was shocked at the difference between her lying in bed and the photos she sent a few hours before.

“It was sad to see her in this state,” he said. KSWB. “In fact, that morning she sent me pictures of herself – she went surfing the day before.”

“And then you see her like that and you see her in the hospital and it breaks your heart.” It’s hard. It is a truly moving journey.

But on Wednesday, as she was finally released from the hospital, her outlook was much brighter.

“She’s in high spirits,” he told GMA. “We are just happy that she is back here to receive the proper treatment.”

Katie said she was deeply grateful for the support she received from those who helped her return to the United States, pay for medical treatment and be there to support her.

His medical expenses and his return air ambulance to the United States were covered by groups, former politicians and private donors.

Katie also suffered a major head trauma and during surgery, doctors had to put 14 screws and a titanium mesh in her head.

Katie also suffered a major head trauma and during surgery, doctors had to put 14 screws and a titanium mesh in her head.

After hearing the bad news she would need to get home for further treatment, Katie’s brother Brendan made a video from her hospital bed begging for help so she could get home. and receive medical treatment in the United States.

“Her pituitary does not stop swelling, she is sending false messages to her kidney,” he explained. “To some degree it becomes fatal.”

“The doctors here at the hospital think they’ve done their best, but unfortunately the kind of medical care she needs is in the United States.”

Since Katie did not have travel insurance, a GoFundMe campaign raised funds for its first operations.

But that wasn’t enough to cover the cost of an air ambulance back to San Diego.

It was then that former California Representative Duncan L Hunter and his son, current California Congressman Duncan D Hunter, stepped in to help.

Hunter Sr contacted the Mexican Embassy and sent Life Flight a personal guarantee for the $ 13,900 air ambulance.

He said several other groups also helped pay for the flight and hundreds of people have since donated to pay Katie’s hospital bills.

“Once we got the congressman involved it went really well,” Kelly said..

“He had contacts. I believe he even contacted the consulate in Washington DC. After that, everything went really, super fast.

Katie, who had been in Mexico for weeks, landed in San Diego at 9 p.m. last Tuesday and was immediately greeted by her family.

“It was a dream, it was all we prayed for,” said Brendan KGTV. “It was a perfect flight for Katie, she was full of smiles.”

After Katie landed at Brown Field, she was transferred to UC San Diego Medical Center by ambulance.

Mexican police continue to investigate the parasailing company behind the horrific crash, and Katie’s family say they have not decided whether to sue.

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