Bucket list: places to scuba dive around the world


Water stains? Go Scuba Diving is as easy as it sounds if you just want the experience of having been scuba diving, however, if you love to travel and your soul requires constant roaming then go do experience scuba diving in some of the best places in the world, then you can enjoy the joy of travel, experience different cultures and scuba dive.

Add these places to your bucket list, if you still have a lot of money to earn before you can go somewhere then start making the list so you don’t waste your time wondering, even if we can’t add them all the places in the world, we will try to mention the places with some of the best experiences.

Being immersed underwater is such a sensory experience. Everything you can feel, hear and see is perfectly tuned. Your breathing becomes slow, purposeful and rhythmic. And you are suddenly aware of how your movements connect with each inhale.

Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island

When diving Sipadan Island, Barracuda Point is one of the main highlights. Diving with barracudas among the hundreds around you is just one experience you are unlikely to forget. Each year, CNN Travel receives feedback from divers around the world and ranks the best dive sites. Barracuda Point is often ranked among the top 10 dive sites in the world. Last year it was voted number 1! This huge swarming tornado of shimmering silver is unique, and that’s why underwater photographers from all over the world come to Sipadan.

Maaya Thila – South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Great dive, protected as a marine reserve by the Maldivian government. Although gray reef sharks are also fairly common at Maaya Thila, the smaller whitetip sharks are the center of attention, often with dozens of them circling the reef. Maaya Thila is around 80 meters in diameter and can easily be circumnavigated in a single dive – if the current is favorable – although it is not uncommon for divers to spend the whole dive in one area to digest the incredible diversity of the marine life. The top starts at six meters and the edge of the reef drops 12 meters to depths of 30 meters and more. Several coral outcrops occur on the northwest and south sides. There are many caves and overhangs all around the thila.

Wreck of the SS Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea

The SS Thistlegorm is by far the most famous diving wreck in the Red Sea. Thistlegorm was a British transport ship in use during the Second World War and en route to the Suez Canal when it was sunk by a German airstrike in the middle of the night on 5-6 October 1941. After German intelligence ( Abwher) heard of Allied troopships in the area, they sent a pair of Heinkel HE 111 aircraft to locate and destroy them. However, the largest ship they found was the SS Thistlegorm, which they bombarded, hitting No. 4 slipway near the stern of the ship. Thistlegorm sank in less than 10 minutes, but luckily due to the hot weather that night most of the crew slept on deck and survived. All but nine men were rescued by HMS Carlisle, which was moored nearby.

1000 Steps, Bonaire

Even if you’re not exploring the marine life, recent travelers have said the view from the top of the limestone steps is worth the trip. Visitors also said the water was amazingly blue and there was off-road parking available. Still, it may be easier to venture out on a tour bus. There are no dive schools located on 1000 Steps, so you must bring your own equipment. And as long as you wear a nature tag, you don’t have to pay to dive here.

The blue hole

Diving at the Blue Hole in Belize is considered one of the top ten diving destinations in the world with its crystal clear, warm waters and diverse marine wildlife. At the center of the Lighthouse Reef system, approximately 60 miles from the mainland of Belize City, lies one of the most fascinating scuba diving experiences in the world. Blue Hole dive trips are offered year round with liveaboard trips often the preferred method of diving here, as reaching the outer atolls and the Blue Hole on a daily basis is a long and sometimes uncomfortable journey.

Gili Islands

According to Traveltriangle, Gili Island is a collection of three islands off Lombok. It is so small that the largest of these three islands, called Gili Trawangan, can be cycled through in just a few hours. Scuba diving is very famous on Gili Island. In fact, there are so many diving centers, and every day a new one appears here due to the constant influx of tourists looking for scuba diving lessons and fun. The island has a wide range of dive centers to choose from. These islands are famous for the variety of turtles and corals they offer. The water temperature here is usually around 28 degrees and so you see the line of divers lining up here for fun. Additionally, there are around 25 dive sites, each offering a unique experience for divers with its slopes, walls, ridges and canyons. For more on where to go, here is a list of 7 scuba diving spots on Gili Island.


The diving here is big and daring, and Micronesia has a name for big-species encounters with mantas, sharks, dolphins and whales. However, this does not take away from a wealth of vibrant hard and soft corals hiding a plethora of colorful reef species, and the large macro that can be found in the reefs and atolls of the region. It is also home to arguably the best wreck diving destination in the world, with divers flocking from all over the world to dive to visit Mecca, Chuuk Lagoon. Micronesia is tailor-made for divers wanting to get off the beaten path and experience phenomenal diving in one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.

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