Bikini-clad Nina Dobrev goes scuba diving with shirtless Shaun White


Actress Nina Dobrev posts more content she says no one asked for, but fans love to see more photos from her trip to the Maldives with her boyfriend Shaun White!

On Friday, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ alum unloaded another photo on her instagram page, showing her relaxing in a sauna and scuba diving with her Olympic snowboarder boyfriend!

Nina Dobrev shows off her bikini body in a steamy sauna session

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On Friday, Nina gave her fans “more content you didn’t ask for 🤿” by posting a photo lying on a white towel in a sauna. She has a glass of wine perched on the bench next to her as she folds her hands behind her head. Her long black hair is wrapped in a white towel as she stretches with one hand on her hip.

Instagram / nina

It looks like her eyes are closed as Nina relaxes in a sweaty sauna, wearing a black and white striped bikini that fans have seen in her previous Instagram photos. Nina can be seen wearing the same bikini top in the next photo, although it looks more navy blue in this light. Her bikini bottom is covered with light white cotton shorts and she has a pair of simple cotton sandals on her feet to cross the wooden boardwalk above the crystal clear Maldivian water.

Nina is wearing a white hat and a white blouse with rolled up sleeves and holds a pink and white Dior bag by her side as she smiles at the camera. It’s unclear who the photographer of the last two snaps was, but many assume it’s her Olympic gold medalist boyfriend Shaun White!

Instagram / nina

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White first met at a motivational speaker event in 2019 and moved in together at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The two have been very close ever since and have been lighting up each other’s Instagram pages with fun snaps. The two have spent many vacations together.

Earlier this year, the two traveled to Costa Rica and were seen hitting the beach, spa and even ziplining through the trees. After a recent trip to Santorini, Greece, so Nina could finish filming her latest movie, “The Bricklayer,” the two headed to the Maldives. Nina posted many photos of the stunning scenery, which can be seen above.

Nina and her boyfriend Shaun White go scuba diving!

Instagram / nina

The ‘Degrassi: Next Generation’ star appeared to be sporting the same bikini again as she and a shirtless Shaun White rode on a boat through the blue ocean water.

White wore a pair of gold and white Fendi swimsuits as they both donned snorkel masks and prepared to dive!

Instagram / nina

It’s unclear if Nina injured her knee before or after scuba diving, but she posted a photo on the boat with her long black hair whipped behind her. She has a white bandage on one knee and a smaller bandage under it.

Fans are hoping she’s okay, but it looks like Nina is still having fun despite her little injury in this snap!

Instagram / nina

Nina opened up her Instagram carousel with a snap of her peering out the front of her snorkel mask.

Instagram / nina

After finishing the scuba dive, it looks like Nina and Shaun cuddled up together on a beach towel to watch the sun go down over the water.

Fans were hoping Shaun would pop the question after returning from competition at the Winter Olympics earlier this year, but it seems there hasn’t been a proposal…at least not yet!

Instagram / nina

At least it looks like they have a nice big bed to relax in after a day of scuba diving!

There are plenty of fans in the room to keep cool and beat the summer heat and a hammock so they can always relax outside.

Many fans can’t wait to see where the couple is headed next…or when they get home! The holidays are fun, but fans are starting to miss sharing photos of their furry friends!


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