Biggest anaconda: people who scuba dive in the sea. Shocked to see a huge anaconda on the bottom of the sea! SEXI News


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August 10, 2022 | 9:03 p.m.

There are many types of videos that are going viral in the internet world all the time. Some of them are quite surprising. The latest video of a huge anaconda will shock internet users. Two men went into the ocean to scuba dive. Those who have been scuba diving in the depths of the sea have had an unexpected shock. A giant anaconda appeared in front of them. The video of this incident is going viral on social media. Never seen such a big anaconda. This video appears to belong to Brazil. In this video that is going viral, two friends wear wetsuits and go deep in the water. A man has a camera in his hand. As soon as they entered, they saw a huge green anaconda. Anaconda slowly started coming towards them. When they saw it, they shivered. But the anaconda approached the camera and stopped. We saw her stick her tongue out. Anacondas usually do this to smell food. But he didn’t attack that person. She resumed her journey. With that, the divers choked. One said the anaconda was about 23ft long and weighed 90kg. When the anaconda appeared… they said they were quiet for a while. This video shared by CGTN is currently going viral on social media. Although this video has been watched by thousands of people so far, thousands of people are liking and commenting on it.

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