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Both stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking come highly suggested as activities to participate in while visiting West Beach. The price of ten dollars for an hour of fun in Clark’s Cove on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard is reasonable for both locals and visitors to the area. West Beach is not an exception to the norm, as described by the director of New Bedford’s Parks, Recreation, and Beaches, who claims that New Bedford is home to a variety of great beaches, including West Beach.

You may submit an application for a $100 Oak in less than two minutes, and the cash will be directly put into your bank account within the next 24 hours.

Reviving an industry that has been idle for some time

Simply paying a visit to the West Beach Boathouse affords visitors, whether they are locals or tourists, the opportunity to take advantage of the establishment’s simple and reasonably priced kayaking and paddleboarding rental services. Cooperation between Blue Lane Rentals and Youth Opportunities Unlimited has been established in order to facilitate the participation of children and their families in aquatic activities at a place that had previously been vacant.

The director said this during a press conference that took place not too long ago: “At long last, New Bedford is connecting to the waterways that we previously lacked.”

“Not only will we be able to take in the beauty to a larger degree, but we will also have the option to participate in activities that anyone and everybody will adore,” you can read in the description.

Because people living in the city enjoy unlimited access to the water, the Parks, Recreation, and Beaches department is looking for activities that may be organized at a minimal cost in order to make use of this amenity.

As a result of cooperation between the city and the Community Boating Center, non-motorized water sports equipment may be rented at the South End.

“People can come out and do something that they wouldn’t be able to do in their own towns or in locations that are nearby,” was the answer that she provided. It is stated in the passage that the author believes that it is a fantastic improvement to the peninsula.

Attendance is encouraged from everyone and everyone, regardless of age.

Canoes are available for rent to anyone of any age who is competent enough to navigate the water on their own. Before going out into the water, staff members and volunteers from the CBC will do a gear check at the boathouse and go through any required safety instructions with the participants. It will be to our advantage if we are able to interest younger people in this subject matter as much as possible.

The previous work completed in this section of the CBC makes this move in this department a natural and inevitable next step. In addition to this, it is an excellent opportunity to get some physical activity and to go out on the water to “experiment with something new.”

At the Community Boating Center throughout the summer, there is a great deal more activity available to guests than just rowing boats on the lake. Children are given the opportunity to simply explore their personalities and the potential that lay inside them in a setting that is both risk-free and amusing, thanks to the fact that the rentals provide such an atmosphere. This week, according to Eve Green, who serves as the executive director of YOU, a number of youngsters and young adults were given the chance to go kayaking for the very first time. As they moved closer to the shore, the excitement that they were feeling became more and more apparent on their faces.

According to Green, “if you offer these city kids the opportunity to try out a new activity that can be repeated in their own homes, they will want to tell their parents about it.” “If you give these city kids the chance to try out a new activity that can be repeated in their own homes,” They will feel the need to inform their loved ones about it.

“Are you able to suggest a location for me to go kayaking that won’t cost me more than ten bucks for an hour?”


The boathouse has five paddleboards, four single kayaks, and two double kayaks that are all accessible for use by the general public. In addition, there are four single kayaks. The rental hours are now from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday through Sunday; however, depending on the demand, these hours are subject to change. The cost to hire a single kayak or stand-up paddleboard for an hour is $10, while the cost to rent a double kayak for an hour is $15.


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