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August 2021

Scuba Diving Stories Episode 8 Sam

By Scuba diving

Aliquam Presents Scuba Diving Stories

There are few experiences in life that can transform a person more than stepping into the ocean. From the moment a child puts their feet in the water until an adult immerses themselves, the experience is transformative and in some cases life changing.

One might think that these experiences are so well documented that they are easily accessible to everyone for inspiration. Although for some reason in the digital age we are inundated with conservation-focused ocean movies and the negativity that surrounds the oceans and saves the planet.

This is how the Aliquam base was born. The most effective way to make a difference is to be aware, to educate people. The most proven way to educate people is to have fun.

By creating a series of short films that highlight the sheer pleasure and wonder they derive from experiencing the world under the waves, it then becomes an inspiration portal to inspire others to do the same.

The beaches of northern Sydney, from Manly to Palm Beach, are one of the most iconic and amazing coastlines on the planet. We join Dive Instructor Lachlan Walmsley as he explores the oceans offshore, through the eyes and stories of its inhabitants. Discover the pleasures of the shear of scuba diving.

In each short film, we meet people every day who have made the oceans change their lives and discover the magic they see regularly.

Sam Bio

Born in the UK on the outskirts of London.

I vacationed as a kid in the South West of England, lived in the water and loved collecting marine life in the rock pools. I loved the snorkeling and scuba diving.

I took my first steps in scuba diving when I was 12 years old… From then on, I did it as soon as I saw the opportunity.

I always wanted to be a marine biologist but never got the grades.

When I first arrived in Australia I took a day trip on the GBR and started chatting with one of the DMs on the boat and knew it was this that I wanted.

When I returned to Australia in 2017 this time as a resident. I did my DMT in Cronulla.

Soon after I started working at Manly and did my instructors.

Sydney’s Favorite Shore Dive The Leap

Favorite Sydney Long Reef Boat Dive

Apart from diving, everything that is outdoors… climbing, surfing, motorcycling, hiking. Massive music nerd, anything with guitars really in it ..

I am currently working to become a commercial skipper.

Previous jobs…

Worked for a brewery, worked in pubs, all kinds of labor-intensive jobs in construction, landscaping, carpentry, tree pruning.

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