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July 2021

First Scuba Diving Academy in Chintapalle in Vizianagaram

By Scuba diving

Vizianagaram: People will soon get a feel for the deep ocean when Livein Adventures Scuba Diving Academy kicks off its activities in the coastal village of Chintapalle in Vizianagaram District.

This Vizag-based company which practices water sports in accordance with international standards with the support of the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) will operate the academy from October. If all goes according to plan, Chintapalle will become the number one scuba diving destination in Andhra Pradesh and attract tourists from all over the world.

In accordance with the agreement between APTDC and Livein Adventures, Chintapalle will have an AP Scuba Academy and a seaside resort to meet the needs of tourists. Meanwhile, the APTDC will also create the best bar and restaurant in Chintapalle. He had built a six-bedroom complex but found no takers. Now the structure needs some repairs before it can accommodate its first tourists.

Balaram Naidu of Livein Adventures said AP Scuba Diving Academy will be moving to a four-acre property owned by APTDC in Chintapalle. The academy will initially be for recreation and will later launch basic to master diving courses. “Apart from diving, we will be training in other water sports such as boating, kayaking and a few others,” he added.

The water at Chintapalle beach is clear and will be the best place for scuba diving.

“We will invest over 2 crore rupees to establish the academy. It will provide world-class training for divers and attract adventure seekers from all over the world to this small hamlet. The academy will raise awareness of the rich marine life of Vizag and Vizianagaram districts. All of them will be operational by October of this year, “Naidu added.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh Sports Authority (SAAP) is also ready to set up a water sports training center in Rushikonda in the town of Vizag.

“We have appointed a coach and will operate the center from October to train people in surfing, kayaking and sailing,” said N. Surya Rao of District Sports Authority (DSA), Vizag.

Recall that Mr. Balaram Naidu and his team unearthed a century-old wreck in the open sea off Bheemili. Later, another wreck was discovered by another group. The two discoveries had created ripples throughout the scuba diving community.

Andhra Pradesh has failed to attract adventure tourists despite its enormous potential. Less than one percent of total tourists to the state have ventured out to explore adventure sports.

Vizag had attracted over two million domestic tourists and around one lakh of foreign tourists in 2019. At least 1,500 tourists visit Araku Valley, Ananthagiri and Tyda in winter every day.

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Taiwan Allows Surfing, Scuba Diving, But No Swimming From July 27 | Taiwan News

By Scuba diving

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As part of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) restrictions easing next week, water sports such as scuba diving and surfing will be allowed, but swimming will remain prohibited.

At a press conference on Friday, July 23, Minister of Health and CECC Chief Chen Shih-chung ((陳 時 中) announced that Taiwan would lower its national alert from Level 3 – which served as a “soft lockdown” – to Level 2, which will take effect on July 27 and end on August 9. Chen said the types of water activities allowed under Level 2 will be depending on whether masking and / or social distancing can be maintained.

He said places where it is not possible to wear a mask all the time, such as coastal areas, beaches, water parks, will remain off limits. Swimming, whether on beaches, swimming pools or other bodies of water, will continue to be prohibited.

However, he said scuba diving will be allowed because “the whole body is well covered and the difference is that you already wear a mask when you go ashore. When they are in the deep ocean there is less. possibility of cross-infection In addition, operators will have to manage correctly (epidemic prevention protocols). “

Chen said that in general, people can participate in water activities that don’t involve the need to get together or frequent physical contact. He said activities such as surfing, boating and jet skiing can be enjoyed as long as people maintain social distancing in the water and wear masks when going ashore.

Update: 07/28/18:25 p.m.

New Taipei City, Yilan County and Taitung County have announced that all water activities will continue to be banned, with the ban in Yilan lasting until August 2. Some coastal attractions in these three counties will allow visitors to enter, but not swim or enjoy water sports, and they must wear masks at all times.

In northern Taiwan, only the city of Keelung chooses to follow the CCCB guidelines for water activities exactly. In eastern Taiwan, Hualien began allowing surfing and scuba diving on Tuesday, July 27, but not whitewater rafting.

In southern Pingtung County, limited water activities are permitted at five beaches, including Sail Rock, Little Bay, Dawan (Big Bay), Fongchuisha, and Xingshawan. The Dapeng Bay Scenic Area is also conditionally open to water sports.

Water activities such as jet skiing will be permitted at Sail Rock provided that only one person at a time occupies the craft and appropriate social distancing can be maintained. The Dapeng Bay Scenic Area will allow windsurfing, stand up paddleboarding (SUP), pedal boats and canoes, provided participants wear a mask at all times. Scuba diving is also permitted in the area, but swimming is still prohibited.

Penghu Outer Island mainly follows CECC guidelines on this matter, allowing most water activities except swimming and snorkeling. However, like many other counties, it places crowd limits on popular attractions such as the “Moses Parting the Sea” sandbank.

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Andhra Pradesh to create a scuba diving academy | Visakhapatnam News

By Scuba diving
VISAKHAPATNAM: Chintapalle, the coastal village of Vizianagaram district, will soon have a scuba diving academy.
Livein Adventures, a Vizag-based company that organizes water sports activities with support from the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department Corporation (APTDC), will operate the academy from October.
Chintapalle is likely to become a premier scuba diving destination in Andhra Pradesh.
In accordance with the agreement between APTDC and Livein Adventures, Chintapalle will have an AP Scuba Academy and a Beach Resort to meet the needs of tourists. APTDC will also set up a bar and restaurant in Chintapalle. APTDC built a six-bedroom complex in Chintapalle but failed to open the complex. Today the structure needs to be repaired. Balaram Naidu of Livein Adventures said the AP Scuba Diving Academy will be located on the four acres owned by APTDC.
The academy will initially be for recreation and later will take care of courses ranging from basic to diving. There will also be boating and kayaking lessons. “We will invest Rs two crore for the establishment of the academy. The academy will raise awareness of the wealth of marine life in Vizag and Vizianagaram districts, ”Naidu said.
The Andhra Pradesh Sports Authority (SAAP) is also setting up a water sports training center in Rushikonda. We have appointed a coach and will be opening the center from October offering training in surfing, kayaking and sailing, said N Surya Rao of District Sports Authority (DSA), Vizag.
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Parasailing man attacked by shark; his foot bit

By Parasailing
  • The young man was paragliding when the shark swam to the surface to bite him.

  • He has undergone emergency surgery, but his condition is stable.

  • According to experts, sharks are quite rare in the region.

A shark bites a man’s foot in the air.
(Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / Le Soleil)

A man was bitten on the foot by a shark while paragliding in the Red Sea. According to information from The Sun, the boy is 37 years old and has lived to tell the story.

The incident took place in Aqaba, Jordan. The man was being pulled by a boat, while he was attached to some kind of paraglider, when the shark came to the surface and bit him. The episode was filmed by a witness.

According to The Sun, the boy, whose identity has not been released, was rushed to a nearby military hospital. He has had fractures, as well as several torn tendons and muscles, but is stable after undergoing surgery.

The exact date of the accident is not known, but the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (Aseza) explained that a committee had been formed to investigate a shark attack that took place during the week. last.

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Sharks are rare in the area

According to experts, the man was unlucky, as sharks are very rare in the area. That’s what Mohammad Qatawneh from the Aqaba International Diving Center said.

“The shark attack has garnered a lot of media attention. It really scared a lot of people, but it’s something that can happen anywhere, ”he said. “I have been diving here for 20 years and this is the first time I have heard of a shark attack.”

This story first appeared in Yahoo News Brazil.

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