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April 2018

Aruba Snorkeling, Diving and Snuba Tours

By Scuba diving

Discover Aruba Below Sea Level! The best snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean is available right here on One Happy Island. Scuba diving in Aruba is a once in a lifetime experience, giving you the chance to meet the most colorful variety of sea creatures and explore a whole new side of Aruba through our marine life.

Entering the enchanted underwater world is easy; Strap on the snorkel and mask and swim from the shore. Excellent snorkeling sites can be found at Malmok Beach, Boca Catalina, Mangel Halto and Baby Beach. A variety of popular boat trips are also available to take you on an unforgettable snorkeling experience, making stops at Aruba’s best snorkeling spots, including the famous WWII shipwreck called Antilla.

You can also try out a new trend in Aruba, the SEABOB, a powerful underwater scooter. Or enjoy an equal measure of freedom and safety on a SNUBA (Snorkeling + ScUBA) trip.

With SNUBA, you can easily breathe underwater without having to wear heavy and restrictive scuba gear. Instead, your oxygen tank stays in a boat on the surface while exploring the beauty of the oceans, marveling at incredible coral formations and schools of tropical fish. SNUBA is safe family fun in the Caribbean and easy to learn. No previous diving or snorkeling experience is required and the minimum age is 8 years old.

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