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May 2016

Here is a stylish ‘nesting’ sea kayak

By Sea kayak

Pakayak’s Bluefin 14, now on the market, is a sleek 14ft sectional kayak that folds inside itself to just 3.5ft for storage and transport.

Editor’s Note: This article, originally published in 2016, was updated in November 2018 to provide readers with more recent information.

I live in a 720 square foot apartment in the middle of Minneapolis, Minn., A state whose tagline is “Land of 10,000 lakes.” There is literally a chain of lakes a few blocks from my door.

While a few options, such as the Oru folding kayak and inflatable SUPs, could both put me on the water and be stored in my closet, the Pakayak is a new option that the brand claims works like a standard hard-sided touring kayak.

Packable kayak

Pakayak launched its first sectional kayak, the Bluefin 14, as a Start-up project in June 2016. It was an instant success as he accumulated $ 546,562, surpassing his fundraising goal of $ 427,325 and catapulting the brand into full-fledged production mode.

folded pakayak kayak

The Pakayak bluefin tuna 14 is a 14ft hard shell touring kayak that weighs 55 lbs, is made of a resin formulated for rotomolded kayaks and has a maximum capacity of 275 lbs.

It’s not the lightest kayak you’ll see, but the real kicker is the compressibility.

The kayak is “cut” into six pieces, which all fit together to form a 3-foot, 6-inch unit for transport or storage. When the water beckons, the nested boat assembles in less than five minutes, sections clamping together with a force that forms a tight seal.

Sea kayaking abilities

Even with the magic of the nest, the bluefin tuna 14 doesn’t skimp on standard sea kayaking equipment. Two bulkheads seal the front and rear compartments, and a padded, fold-down seat and backrest will keep you on the water longer. Also included: adjustable toe clips, reflective safety lines, bungee deck rigging, front and rear handles, and more.

It can be used with a rudder, which is purchased separately.

Ally “portable canoe” folds into a box

The “folding canoe” arrived in a box that fits in the back seat of my Toyota Corolla. At 44 pounds, this canoe could ostensibly be transported on an airplane or across the Himalayas strapped on the back of a yak. Read more…

The design of the sectional kayak is patented and the Pakayak a team of four water lovers worked on the concept for a total of four and a half years. In February 2016, they were testing and playing on their prototypes, perfecting the grippers and preparing the unit for the public.

kayak pakayak bluefin 14

The brand claims the boat does not handle any differently from a typical sea kayak, gliding easily in open water (see video below).

New system, ecological vision

We have been proponents of inflatable kayaks for years, praising their packing capacity and ease of use. That said, The Pakayak system is a welcome addition to the water sports market, bringing us a hard plastic sea kayak that can be placed in an elevator, stowed in a closet, thrown in the back of a convertible, and even carried on an airplane. The possibilities are endless with a 14ft kayak that dissolves into a 3.5ft unit.

nested and full pakayak

The company plans to use its success to preserve waterways and marine life. Each Pakayak model will be named after an endangered marine animal or fish, with a percentage of the profits from each sale going towards efforts to save that particular species.

Pakayak available to order online

Since the success of Pakayak Launch campaign, they worked hard to fill Kickstarter orders (the first Kickstarter Pakayaks shipped in March 2018) and finalize production. The Bluefin 14, which sells for $ 1,795 in-line, comes in four colors and includes a carry bag that fits the 3.5ft unit into, allowing you to throw the ‘yak over your shoulders and boat to the water.

If your square footage is limited, your car is tiny, and / or you just want a sturdy kayak without the headache of storage issues, your day will get better.

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